• Published 02.06.2023

    What is technical debt and how to avoid it?

    Debt is possibly a bad word in some people's eyes, but the vast majority of people have it, in one form or another. Most people live well with it too. We know that interest rates go up and down. Every month we pay down what we can, and in the long run the debt is gone. Technical debt, on the other hand, is a little worse. Let us explain!
  • Published 26.05.2023

    Solving problems is a full-time job

    Let us introduce you to Ommund. Cool name, right? Ommund Svendsen is a full-time problem solver. He is also an advisory fire extinguisher, saving angel and solution-oriented customer advisor. He has been with us since May 2022. A year has passed since he moved into our Harstad office. How is it so far?
  • Published 16.05.2023

    This is how you kick-start your new IT everyday life

    Today, we will show you some simple rules to remember for those of you who are going to use a new IT tool. That is easier said than done. Introducing people to something new can take several paths, and in a work context it can lead to everything from new enthusiasm to frustration and loss of motivation. That's why we want to show you our three rules to remember. We call them the F's.
  • Published 08.05.2023

    Become best friends with Microsoft Viva

    Do you also receive an email where it says "Your digest email" in the subject field every week? We too. Now we are tired of deleting it every time. That's why we decided this week to take a look at how Microsoft Viva is actually used and why we get this email. We got ourselves a real eye-opener. It turns out that one email can help you to shake up bad work habits. Just look here👇
  • Published 02.05.2023

    It pays to be curious

    Christian Pedersen (22) from Ramfjord has managed to do a lot in his short life. Building a career has probably not been at the top of the list, but here he already sits with a lot of experience and a new job in the capital. How did it happen?
  • Published 21.04.2023

    Why digitization is a win-win for you

    In IT, you don't have to reinvent the wheel at all. However, you must be open to adopting new solutions. You have to in order to be tryggeonline, better equipped to deal with crises and to get employees who can withstand changes in their digital habits. Here are 7 reasons why you will be a winner if you digitize your organization!
  • Published 31.03.2023

    "We are so small - it will never happen to us"

    Hey you! You who say that "we are so small - it will never happen to us". If you refer to incidents where Norwegian businesses are hacked and someone takes all your data, then we can tell you that you are wrong. Let us show you why.
  • Published 24.03.2023

    The three biggest advantages of digital meetings

    We have all become very familiar with digital meetings. Most people still use it, and it has opened many people's eyes to how we can work together. Perhaps especially in companies that do not yet have established habits for this. Today, we will emphasize the three biggest advantages of digital meetings. Stay tuned!
  • Published 17.03.2023

    Say hello to someone who makes everyday work easier for you

    We have our own system developers in Braathe who work to make your day and mine easier. Not as in the number of kilos lighter, but as in more seamless, efficient and motivating. Today we will get to say hello to one of them. Get to know Kim-André!
  • Published 10.03.2023

    Your digital habits: When do they become dangerous?

    A habit is what your brain does on autopilot. We all have some bad habits. But what happens if your digital habits are bad? Could it be dangerous? We give you an answer to that in this week's article. At the same time, you will get several tips on how you can prevent your habits from opening security holes in the future.
  • Published 03.03.2023

    Did you know that the network box can help you against the hackers?

    We always recommend taking several measures when it comes to business security. The easiest way is to upgrade equipment you have already put into use. Almost everyone needs a network in one form or another, and have you considered that the network box can also play a role in security work?
  • Published 26.02.2023

    New login platform for customers using Citrix

    On March 22, we will update our login platform for customers using Citrix. This is to create a more worry-free everyday IT life for you who use our services. Here we explain more.
  • Published 17.02.2023

    MFA becomes even more secure: Get to know number matching

    Microsoft is keeping up with the times and increasing the security of its tools. Therefore, it will be even tryggere every time you land in. We answer what you need to know, why this is happening now and how you can be a safety ambassador in your workplace.
  • Published 15.02.2023

    Currency adjustment on Microsoft's cloud services

    The global company Microsoft has announced that from 1 April 2023 all of its cloud services will be currency adjusted by +11%. This is how this price adjustment can affect you as a customer of ours or who is considering becoming one.
  • Published 10.02.2023

    Dedicated systems or standardized, which is best for my business?

    Building your own systems is a bit like building a house from scratch. It requires more effort than if you choose a ready-made house from the catalogue, but the payoff can be great. We explain why more and more people build their own systems!
  • Published 03.02.2023

    Are your people ready for the change you want to introduce?

    Changes happen every single day in most businesses. Some changes are so small that they are easy to implement, while others require more effort and time. Much more. Have you thought about how to get your people ready for the bigger changes?
  • Published 27.01.2023

    Set the safety standard for 2023 today

    The EU Parliament has set the requirements, and now it's up to you to set the standard. We recommend doing it quickly. The goal is to secure European jobs as best as possible.
  • Published 20.01.2023

    From Mario Kart to network consultant

    Sondre fell for digital games early on. With the confirmation money, he bought his first PC, and now he is a systems consultant with us, responsible for customers' network solutions, firewalls and security.
  • Published 16.01.2023

    3 reasons to ditch your own IT department

    IT is complicated. Not too complicated that everyone can't do it, but complicated enough that you shouldn't let Jens down the hall be the IT manager without the right background. Let's do the IT stuff properly.
  • Published 06.01.2023

    Why should you follow NSM's safety advice?

    In October, a record number of people shared their diploma on the Linkedin platform after taking the National Security Authority's course in ICT security. It gladdened our hearts. Now we will answer why you should follow their safety advice for the rest of the year as well.
  • Published 30.12.2022

    Our predictions for 2022: Were we onto something?

    In January 2022, we predicted a total of five big things for the coming year. All the predictions concerned our own industry. Did we get any of them right? Let's take a look.
  • Published 23.12.2022

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Finally, it's our turn to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. What a year we are leaving behind! It has offered a lot of exciting things, and we are already looking forward to even more with you in 2023.
  • Published 16.12.2022

    Get to know our new partner: CYBR

    How can we train most people in digital security? That is probably one of the questions the people behind CYBR asked themselves. From 2019 until now, they have developed a software that allows anyone to become tryggere in their digital everyday life. 
  • Published 09.12.2022

    Create a higher degree of security in uncertain times

    90% of successful attacks happen because we, humans, have pressed something we shouldn't. The number of digital attacks is exploding. That is why we want you to create a higher degree of security internally. Don't wait until it's too late. Learn more about how to get started.
  • Published 02.12.2022

    We are Godthaab's proud ICT department

    What do you do when your systems have to be up and running 24/7? When everyone must be able to use it, and someone must be ready in case something goes wrong? Then you can hire us as your very own ICT department. That's what Godthaab has done, and that's how it's been going for the last year.
  • Published 25.11.2022

    Interplay in perfect harmony with Braathe and Cisco

    On 24 November there was a selection and award ceremony at the Cisco Awards 2022! We became this year's Cisco Managed Service Partner. This is an achievement we will take with us into 2023, and of which we are very proud. Read more about what it means.
  • Published 18.11.2022

    Sustainable IT: How do we recycle?

    We want to talk a little about sustainability. A word that the vast majority of people have acquired a relationship with. Sustainability is an exciting topic, especially within our own professional field. The IT industry is known for being inconsiderate when dealing with our planet. Therefore, as a supplier, we have an extra big responsibility.
  • Published 11.11.2022

    Fresh from studies and straight to Braathe

    What is it really like to start work straight from your studies? We asked Ane about that. She completed her education at the University of Oslo last summer, and has been working with us since January. We want to dig a little into how she's been doing!
  • Published 04.11.2022

    Contacting us has never been easier

    We want to tell about and advertise a little for our chat, here on braathe.no. It means that you can save both time and effort when you need us. Learn more about the chat here!
  • Published 28.10.2022

    What consequences can a data attack have for you?

    Several Norwegian businesses have experienced losing much of their digital work, but there are few cases that we actually know about. We will tell you what consequences it can have for you if a cyber attack is successful.
  • Published 21.10.2022

    Together we can make the right decisions

    Our biggest goal is for you to have a worry-free everyday IT life. That is why we want to share our knowledge so that you are even better equipped to face the modern world. We invite you to professional days!
  • Published 14.10.2022

    Become the best in security with us going forward

    This autumn, customers with Digital Workplace will have the opportunity to use the security portal CYBR. This means that you can become very good at digital security. Let us explain!
  • Published 04.10.2022

    We are establishing ourselves in Central Norway, buying DOGI IKT AS

    We are buying DOGI IKT AS. An exciting IT company that has a good foothold Fosen and in the Trondheim region. 
  • Published 27.09.2022

    Braathe supports the Norwegian Children's Cancer Association

    Our children are the future, and we will contribute where we can. We are happy that we can contribute together with one of our most important partners, Lenovo Norway. Read more about it here.
  • Published 23.09.2022

    Putting things in order with Soon Takst

    Just 9 months ago, the company Soon Takst was started. With fantastic growth in a very short time, the IT systems had to wait a bit. Now we have contributed to the company getting its digital sewing matters more in order.
  • Published 16.09.2022

    Three steps to digital maturity

    What does it take for a business to be digitally mature? We believe there are three big things that make a business ready for the future, whatever it brings. Can you check off all three?
  • Published 02.09.2022

    We are certified: What does that mean for you?

    You have probably heard of ISO certifications? Many have it on their list of qualities they see in a supplier. Let us tell you what it can mean for you and what it is.
  • Published 26.08.2022

    Say hello to system technical consultant Ole

    Today we will greet a man who has moved from the quiet countryside to the active big city. The Paris of the Nordics has gained a new resident and we have gained a talented man on the team.
  • Published 19.08.2022

    Do you get a high pulse every time someone mentions security?

    Do you feel your throat tighten when someone mentions digital security? Or get sweaty hands if the newspapers mention hacking and phishing? What about when you hear big players are losing millions of kroner because their systems are down? Then this article is dedicated to you!
  • Published 12.08.2022

    This is what we recommend spending the autumn on: From an IT perspective

    The start of school is just around the corner, and we adults have to put on our work shirts again after a lovely summer. Your schedule may have already started to fill up with both meetings and projects. Therefore, we will be early with our tips for the IT autumn.
  • Published 05.08.2022

    Changing IT supplier and equipment: Our best tips for a smooth transition

    Sometimes a change is healthy. This also applies within IT. Safety must be ensured, challenges must be solved and time thieves must be removed. IT can do all that, but when the processes are to be started it can be difficult. We give our best tips for the transition!
  • Published 28.07.2022

    IT world motto: Let's learn them together

    SaaS, the cloud, infrastructure, security and all the other great words we throw out here on the BLOG, we assume everyone understands. But those are technical terms. It should not be assumed that everyone understands that. It wasn't long ago that the undersigned learned what SaaS even means. And I work with IT every week!
  • Published 08.07.2022

    Create a worry-free summer

    Despite the fact that pilots are on strike and chaos conditions on airline passes all over Europe, it will actually be summer this year as well. Are you ready for it? Regardless, we hope you get your legs stretched and really charged up for an exciting fall. We will! With you on the road, we want you to bring some clever tips to create a worry-free summer.
  • Published 30.06.2022

    Increased activity in cyber attacks against Norwegian targets

    The war between Ukraine and Russia has led to increased activity in cybercrime. NSM has asked all Norwegian companies to step up their digital preparedness as a result of the war.
  • Published 24.06.2022

    Greet the versatile box

    What does wifi or wireless network mean in your everyday work? Did you know that the network box can do much more than just give you a quick signal? In today's post, we take a look at the box we have put together.
  • Published 22.06.2022

    Braathe Gruppen AS is created Braathe AS

    Not only have we got a new branded suit this year, but we have also changed our name! Braathe Gruppen has become Braathe, and now it is completely official, also at the Brønnøysund Register.
  • Published 17.06.2022

    3 steps to a greener IT everyday life

    Is there really such a thing as sustainable IT? It does. We have done the research and found and taken more steps to become more sustainable. Let us show you!
  • Published 13.06.2022

    Success story: Bridge Technologies

    When shared tech passion and long-standing friendship create valuable solutions. Bridge Technologies does a lot that requires strong technological power. Fortunately, we know how to offer it. Braathe delivers equipment to them, with customer advisor Jørn at the helm.
  • Published 20.05.2022

    Our people: Greetings to Jørn

    Today we will get to know our Lenovo ambassador even better. Because if anyone knows the equipment we send out to our customers, it's Jørn. We're curious about how he works. Let's hear more!
  • Published 06.05.2022

    5 tips in Microsoft Office

    Do you use Microsoft Office at work? Then you need to get these five tips. We use them actively ourselves to ensure better focus, a more seamless presentation and to save time.