How to prepare your employees for digital change

Will things happen to you in the future? Small or big change in the digital tools? Whatever the change entails, we can tell you a ...

Power Girl, Heidi

The first time Heidi became acquainted with Microsoft 365 was when her old job was to carry out a digitization process. It was the start of both a career change and a ...
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We check in with our intern, Petter

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to this guy here, our intern, Petter! He goes to high school and spends every Thursday with us thanks ...
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How can you influence the power of interaction?

We know very well what we can do from our edge as an IT provider when it comes to collaboration, but do you know what you can do? Exists...
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Stay up to date on the digital risk picture

Every year we receive a report from the National Security Authority (NSM) on what the digital risk picture looks like in our elongated country. Last week they came out ...
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Email Fraud: Do Not Click Here!

Email fraud or phishing is a classic in the digital world. What everyone does not know is that there are several good methods to prevent such ...
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Our expert advises you: How to protect yourself against digital attacks

Digital security is important all year round, which is why we sat down with one of our experts to talk about the topic. He has...
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