• Published 05.08.2022

    Changing IT supplier and equipment: Our best tips for a smooth transition

    Sometimes a change is healthy. This also applies within IT. Safety must be ensured, challenges must be solved and time thieves must be removed. IT can do all that, but when the processes are to be started it can be difficult. We give our best tips for the transition!
  • Published 28.07.2022

    IT world motto: Let's learn them together

    SaaS, the cloud, infrastructure, security and all the other great words we throw out here on the BLOG, we assume everyone understands. But those are technical terms. It should not be assumed that everyone understands that. It wasn't long ago that the undersigned learned what SaaS even means. And I work with IT every week!
  • Published 08.07.2022

    Create a worry-free summer

    Despite the fact that pilots are on strike and chaos conditions on airline passes all over Europe, it will actually be summer this year as well. Are you ready for it? Regardless, we hope you get your legs stretched and really charged up for an exciting fall. We will! With you on the road, we want you to bring some clever tips to create a worry-free summer.
  • Published 30.06.2022

    Increased activity in cyber attacks against Norwegian targets

    The war between Ukraine and Russia has led to increased activity in cybercrime. NSM has asked all Norwegian companies to step up their digital preparedness as a result of the war.
  • Published 24.06.2022

    Greet the versatile box

    What does wifi or wireless network mean in your everyday work? Did you know that the network box can do much more than just give you a quick signal? In today's post, we take a look at the box we have put together.
  • Published 22.06.2022

    Braathe Gruppen AS becomes Braathe AS

    Not only have we got a new branded suit this year, but we have also changed our name! Braathe Gruppen has become Braathe, and now it is completely official, also at the Brønnøysund Register.
  • Published 17.06.2022

    3 steps to a greener IT everyday life

    Is there really such a thing as sustainable IT? It does. We have done the research and found and taken more steps to become more sustainable. Let us show you!
  • Published 13.06.2022

    Success story: Bridge Technologies

    When shared tech passion and many years of friendship create valuable solutions. Bridge Technologies operates with a lot that requires strong technological power. Fortunately, we know how to bid on it. Braathe delivers equipment to them, with customer advisor Jørn at the helm.
  • Published 20.05.2022

    Our people: Greetings to Jørn

    Today we will get to know our Lenovo ambassador even better. Because if anyone knows the equipment we send out to our customers, it's Jørn. We're curious about how he works. Let's hear more!
  • Published 06.05.2022

    5 tips in Microsoft Office

    Do you use Microsoft Office at work? Then you need to get these five tips. We use them actively ourselves to ensure better focus, a more seamless presentation and to save time.
  • Published 28.04.2022

    The Benefits of 365 Workplace

    What do Microsoft Office, simple scalability and a custom security level have in common? Yes, our service 365 Workplace. Let us take you through why we recommend you use this service.
  • Published 08.04.2022

    Lenovo Ambassador of the Year 2021

    Most people are familiar with the durable brand Lenovo, which in 2021 was the world's largest PC manufacturer. We are a proud Lenovo Partner, and deliver their equipment all over Norway. It has been noticed at Lenovo internationally.
  • Published 02.03.2022


    The current situation in Ukraine affects the whole world and we strongly dissociate ourselves from the acts of war, at the same time as we have great sympathy for the difficult situation the inhabitants of Ukraine are in.
  • Published 11.02.2022

    Meet Siw-Helen, one of our customer advisors

    Siw-Helen started as a customer advisor with us in November last year. We are eager to learn more about her, her background and how things are going fresh in Braathe. Hear how she's doing here!
  • Published 04.02.2022

    Must have in the office

    What is a must have in the office or home office is not difficult to find answers to. A clear winner is the coffee cup, but what about everything else? We give you our top 5 list!
  • Published 27.01.2022

    Have you discovered these features in Teams?

    With small adjustments, your life in the home office can be made more comfortable, and possibly more efficient. Use these features in Teams!
  • Published 21.01.2022

    Let's remove the home office annoyances once and for all

    The working day starts and you are in good spirits. The coffee cup is brand new. You turn on the PC and get started. But there is something wrong…
  • Published 13.01.2022

    Have you trained your security ambassadors?

    We have a clear recommendation for 2022: Train your employees in how to have good digital security. It will pay off in the long run. Let us tell you why.
  • Published 05.01.2022

    Predictions for IT in 2022

    A new year means new opportunities - also in our industry. What do you think will be the big thing in 2022? We have sat down and thought about it. Here are our predictions.
  • Published 23.12.2021

    We wish you a Merry Christmas with expertise and IT security in mind

    2021 has offered exciting challenges, solid solutions for our customers and planning the way forward for us as a company. We thank you for a meaningful year, and look forward to seeing you in the new.
  • Published 18.12.2021

    From BankID to Vipps, in our data center

    - It was not a service they usually provided, but they did it, because they are good at it. When BankID, BankAxept and Vipps were merged into the new company Vipps, it was a matter of course to continue the customer relationship BankID had with Braathe Gruppen.
  • Published 13.12.2021

    Critical vulnerability was announced on Friday: This is how it can affect you

    Every day we use software that we are completely dependent on to be able to do our job. What the various programs consist of or where they come from, we rarely need to decide. But when vulnerabilities arise, it is important that we do so.
  • Published 09.12.2021

    Watch out for this year's Christmas scam!

    Have you written your wish list yet? The lists for us Norwegians are often long and fun. And fortunately, we do not have to write a list of what we do not want. But if we were to write a list of things we do not want this year, it is actually a bit good and old-fashioned scam.  
  • Published 03.12.2021

    How to prepare your employees for digital change

    Will things happen to you in the future? Small or big change in the digital tools? No matter what the change entails, we can tell you one thing: Good planning before the change occurs pays off. So how can you plan for a good start?
  • Published 26.11.2021

    Power Girl, Heidi

    The first time Heidi became acquainted with Microsoft 365 was when her old job was to carry out a digitization process. It was the start of both a career change and a love affair with the IT tool.
  • Published 19.11.2021

    We check in with our intern, Petter

    A few weeks ago, we introduced you to this guy here, our intern, Petter! He goes to high school and spends every Thursday with us thanks to the line he has chosen. It's been a while since he started, and we're wondering how it goes.
  • Published 11.11.2021

    How can you influence the power of interaction?

    We know very well what we can do from our edge as an IT provider when it comes to collaboration, but do you know what you can do? Are there things we can learn together or things you as a leader or colleague can offer to create higher quality collaboration? We're pretty sure of that!
  • Published 04.11.2021

    Stay up to date on the digital risk picture

    Every year we receive a report from the National Security Authority (NSM) on what the digital risk picture looks like in our elongated country. Last week they came out with the report for 2021. We have taken a look!
  • Published 29.10.2021

    Email Fraud: Do Not Click Here!

    Email fraud or phishing is a classic in the digital world. What everyone does not know is that there are several good methods to prevent such attempts at attack. We thought we would show you!
  • Published 22.10.2021

    Our expert advises you: How to protect yourself against digital attacks

    Digital security is important all year round, which is why we sat down with one of our experts to talk about the topic. He has put together his best tips for both individuals and companies on how to better secure themselves in the digital everyday life we ​​are all a part of. Take a look!
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