• Published 19.04.2024

    What happens to the equipment after you are done with it?

    In an age where technology is advancing at lightning speed and we're constantly upgrading our devices to keep up with the latest updates, it's important to stop and consider what happens to our old gear when we're done with it. There is a whole story that unfolds after we have said goodbye to our faithful units. Let's take a look at what's going on with the gear.
  • Published 27.03.2024

    The fraudsters do not take Easter holidays

    Easter, a time for a break, mobile-free and cozying up in the sun wall. While you're taking a break, others are logging in more than ever. The fraudsters have full control over when we take time off. They also know that holidays, quick breaks in the ski track and long dinners in the evenings make you an easier victim of fraud attempts. Why? Let's look at it.
  • Published 15.03.2024

    The security risks of 2024: Here are six things you need to know

    The National Security Authority releases a risk report every year together with the Intelligence Service and the Police Security Service (PST). This report tells us what risks Norway as a country faces. They consider how threat actors of various kinds can exploit security holes and other vulnerabilities among Norwegian businesses. This year, this report is extra important reading for those of you who run a business in Norway. We have highlighted the six most important points from the report.
  • Published 21.02.2024

    Learn the dirty tricks of hackers

    How can you best prevent phishing attempts in the inbox or the hackers getting what they want? We think the best prevention is to learn the dirty tricks hackers use! Together with Pistachio (formerly known as CYBR), we deliver security training directly to your inbox. Let us show you!
  • Published 05.02.2024

    NSM's safety tips simply explained

    The National Security Authority (NSM) is the Norwegian authority that works to protect national security and contribute to increasing the general understanding of cyber security among us Norwegians. They publish a range of security tips and advice to help people protect themselves from online threats. In this BLOG post, we will consider their advice and give you a simple explanation of each of them.
  • Published 30.01.2024

    Handle the IT systems yourself or use a supplier like us?

    Handling the IT systems yourself is something many people consider, but is it worth it? We look at why managing infrastructure, internet and interaction on your own can be a solution. In the same vein, we look at why you shouldn't. Then you can assess for yourself what is worthwhile for you and your company.
  • Published 19.01.2024

    Sustainable IT procurement: A guide

    Sustainability is one of the things that should be at the top of the priority list in 2024. Do you have a plan for what measures your company will take? We have created a simplified guide to how you can start your sustainability work or further develop the measures you are already taking. Since we deal with IT, our tips will specifically address how your purchases can be made in the best possible way.
  • Published 16.01.2024

    Get ready for Copilot with us

    For the artificial intelligence of Microsoft to play you well, your data must be of high quality. That means it needs to be cleaned. Do you have an overview and control over who has access to what internally? Or if all the data finds its way to the cloud? We can help you get started. Our skilled consultant and AI expert, Espen, can help you with that. Let's get ready for Copilot together!
  • Published 08.01.2024

    Three things you must do before Copilot arrives

    Copilot will soon be rolled out to Norwegian companies. For the artificial intelligence to play you well, three things must be in place. Let's take a look at why you should prepare and how to make the most of it.
  • Published 29.12.2023

    A Christmas calendar full of safety tips

    In the run-up to Christmas, we shared many tips about security with you on Linkedin. Here you will find all the tips gathered in one. We can't wait to get started on the coming year and we hope you will join us to learn more about IT, security and many other IT solutions. See you in 2024!
  • Published 22.12.2023

    Incentra's new platform creates a sea of ​​possibilities

    Ensuring good competitive conditions and a full overview of the maritime industry in Norway is very important to Incentra. With the help of the Microsoft Power Platform, we have developed a solution that ensures seamless information flow for many years to come. We have been allowed to digitize and automate the information they handle every single day.
  • Published 08.12.2023

    Are you a potential target for hackers?

    In a digital age where technology rules and information is worth its weight in gold, no one is trygge. Every business, regardless of size, is a potential target for hackers who are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. For hackers, there are few things needed before the motivation is great enough to take you and your company next time. Could you be a potential attack target? We look at what motivates the hackers, and give you practical tips on how you can prevent an attack.
  • Published 01.12.2023

    Employee of the year, Kristin

    Kristin entered our hallways like a firework a year ago, and we are happy about that. She works in our finance department and is passionate about good processes. No question is too stupid when she gets started, and that's all well and good, because IT isn't always easy. Get to know one of our people, Kristin!
  • Published 24.11.2023

    Sustainable measures you can take

    Sustainability is no longer just a trend, it is a necessity. Companies of all sizes have an important role when it comes to taking responsibility for the environment, society and the future. Here are seven sustainable measures you can implement in your company, conscious purchases you can make and other good habits that have worked well for us.
  • Published 10.11.2023

    Prevention vs damage management of a data attack: Is it cheaper?

    Increasing threats from cybercriminals and potential vulnerabilities in IT systems make security an important task for companies around Norway. But what is the most cost-effective approach? The answer is simple: it is cheaper to prevent security problems than to fix them after the damage has occurred. Let's look at why.
  • Published 07.11.2023

    EliteBook 840 – A bestseller from HP

    What makes the HP EliteBook 840 a bestseller? Read the interview with product manager Anders Bo Forsdahl in HP Norway about why people are so excited about this particular model.
  • Published 27.10.2023

    Three steps: Protect your digital life

    Many probably associate October with Halloween, but we have something completely different in mind right now. We think hackers and digital attacks are much scarier than most thrillers and horror films. Therefore, we come up with three tips for a less scary October. Good luck!
  • Published 20.10.2023

    How to protect yourself from phishing

    There is a high chance that you or someone you know has experienced phishing. Mistyping or providing information to people you believe to be someone you know can lead to serious consequences. Let's see how you can avoid falling for this scam method!
  • Published 13.10.2023

    Braathes security dictionary

    There are many terms that professionals often talk about, but that "ordinary" people have hardly ever heard of. Therefore, on the occasion of safety month, we have put together our own safety dictionary. We hope this can be of help when you wonder what is what in the security world.
  • Published 06.10.2023

    Microsoft Copilot: Your new AI colleague

    Microsoft has just introduced a groundbreaking innovation – Microsoft Copilot. This can become your daily AI colleague when you solve the tasks in 365 Arbeidsplass. Let's look at how you can use it when it is rolled out for Norwegian companies.
  • Published 29.09.2023

    Change of indicative prices for our services applicable from 01.01.2024

    We hereby notify you of price adjustments that will apply from 01.01.2024. We seek here to provide answers to what you may be wondering. Should you still have additional questions, please direct them to your customer advisor.
  • Published 29.09.2023

    Contingency plan for IT: What it is and why you should have it

    In an increasingly digitized world, IT is often the heart of many companies' operations. From financial transactions to customer data and communications, the IT infrastructure is critical to day-to-day operations. But what happens if something goes wrong? This is where an IT contingency plan comes into play. This article will look at what a contingency plan for IT is and why Norwegian companies should have one. Can you check off all the points?
  • Published 22.09.2023

    Lenovo ThinkPad – A reliable PC at a predictable price

    Regardless of whether you already run a business with tens of employees or are about to start one, you probably know how important it is to have reliable and good tools to drive you forward. We believe that investing in the right technology is the key to success. Let us show you some of the keys we recommend!
  • Published 18.09.2023

    5 reasons why the Lenovo ThinkPad range is a game changer at work

    In today's busy working life, it is extra important that your PC is not chosen in a stressful moment. Then suddenly you are sitting there with equipment that neither handles the number of files you use, too many tabs on the internet at the same time or that crashes every time you open a heavy program. Choosing a PC is a bit like choosing a car. Size, speed, capacity and flexibility count. Let us therefore give you five reasons why Lenovo should come home with you.
  • Published 08.09.2023

    What does it cost to have an IT provider?

    Buying equipment can be a big time-stealer. Especially if you are unsure of what you need. Since costs are a large part of the company's finances, we will take you through what it costs to have an IT supplier ryggen.
  • Published 01.09.2023

    Meet Peter from support

    IT should be playfully easy and worry-free, but even here strange reasons can appear why the equipment or software will not cooperate. Then our support comes in. Peter Austad Kjær is one of our superheroes on support. Now you can get to know him better and the work he does!
  • Published 18.08.2023

    Our first climate report

    A big highlight this spring was when we set up our very first climate statement. Because even though we have measured our environmental work for many years already through our ISO 14001 certification, it is something special to see the numbers for each of us. Then you realize how much each individual person has the opportunity to influence in a positive direction in the years to come.
  • Published 11.08.2023

    Looking for a new IT supplier?

    A lot happens in our digital society every day and we who work with IT every day see it very well. New digital attacks are happening, many are unsure of what to do and people are trying to find their own solutions. The only problem is that IT moves at enormous speed. Can you keep up on your own?
  • Published 03.08.2023

    Are you afraid of being hacked? Let's remove some of the fear

    Our fear of things is often rooted in the fact that we don't quite know what's going on or how things work. Therefore, we intend to get to know the hackers extra well in this article. Who are they, why do they choose you as a victim and how should we work to prevent them from getting hold of you and your values?
  • Published 28.07.2023

    This is how you keep your mobile safe all year round

    Your mobile does much more than just make calls and send SMS. It also has your driver's license, the online bank and all your money, your work email and secure apps that give you an overview of your children, your grandmother's health and much more. That's why it's more important than ever that you keep it safe. Here are 7 tips on how.
  • Published 21.07.2023

    Create a worry-free summer

    Despite the fact that pilots went on strike and the chaotic conditions at airports all over Europe, it was actually summer last year too. Were you ready for it? Anyway, we hope you managed to read this post last year. If not, you can read it now. Here are some tips on how to create a carefree summer while you stretch your legs. Happy reading!
  • Published 14.07.2023

    You need this from IT if the company has less than 50 employees

    What do you need? Everyone is aware that something to write on, something to save on and some internet is the minimum requirement you can make. Now we will go a little more in depth. We will also challenge those of you who work in the same way as when you started.
  • Published 07.07.2023

    When the job is a full match

    Elise Dalane Mellegård has experienced Braathe quite a long time already, but she only became a permanent employee in 2021. Now some time has passed since she took the step from study to work. We wonder how things are going and what it is actually like to be "young". Braathe?
  • Published 28.06.2023

    We swear by Lenovo - you can too!

    Lenovo is a permanent fixture in our organization. Wherever you meet us, you will be greeted with a Lenovo PC in your bag. There are many reasons for that, and here you will get more of them. You can also test it for a fixed amount per month. Is Lenovo for you?
  • Published 26.06.2023

    Did you know that the network box can help you against the hackers?

    We always recommend taking several measures when it comes to business security. The easiest way is to upgrade equipment you have already put into use. Almost everyone needs a network in one form or another, and have you considered that the network box can also play a role in security work?
  • Published 23.06.2023

    The broadband network is the digital foundation of Nordland County Municipality

    How do you ensure fast, reliable and forward-looking data communication services for a county council with over 10 users? We have helped Nordland county with this for over 000 years. Get to know how we have worked and why the internet is so important to the residents of the long county.
  • Published 16.06.2023

    Why rent rather than own?

    Again and again we see that tying up capital in the equipment you need can be seen as sour. Therefore, we found a solution for it. Because we believe that you should own what increases in value and rent what decreases in value. Do you not agree?
  • Published 09.06.2023

    Remember your passport, sunscreen and a dose of digital security

    Summer is just around the corner and we are certainly not alone in preparing for a few weeks' holiday. We still have some time left before holiday responses can be activated. Are you ready for a dose of safety before that?
  • Published 02.06.2023

    What is technical debt and how to avoid it?

    Debt is possibly a bad word in some people's eyes, but the vast majority of people have it, in one form or another. Most people live well with it too. We know that interest rates go up and down. Every month we pay down what we can, and in the long run the debt is gone. Technical debt, on the other hand, is a little worse. Let us explain!
  • Published 26.05.2023

    Solving problems is a full-time job

    Let us introduce you to Ommund. Cool name, right? Ommund Svendsen is a full-time problem solver. He is also an advisory fire extinguisher, saving angel and solution-oriented customer advisor. He has been with us since May 2022. A year has passed since he moved into our Harstad office. How is it so far?
  • Published 16.05.2023

    This is how you kick-start your new IT everyday life

    Today, we will show you some simple rules to remember for those of you who are going to use a new IT tool. That is easier said than done. Introducing people to something new can take several paths, and in a work context it can lead to everything from new enthusiasm to frustration and loss of motivation. That's why we want to show you our three rules to remember. We call them the F's.
  • Published 08.05.2023

    Become best friends with Microsoft Viva

    Do you also receive an email where it says "Your digest email" in the subject field every week? We too. Now we are tired of deleting it every time. That's why we decided this week to take a look at how Microsoft Viva is actually used and why we get this email. We got ourselves a real eye-opener. It turns out that one email can help you to shake up bad work habits. Just look here👇
  • Published 21.04.2023

    Why digitization is a win-win for you

    In IT, you don't have to reinvent the wheel at all. However, you must be open to adopting new solutions. You have to in order to be tryggeonline, better equipped to deal with crises and to get employees who can withstand changes in their digital habits. Here are 7 reasons why you will be a winner if you digitize your organization!
  • Published 31.03.2023

    "We are so small - it will never happen to us"

    Hey you! You who say that "we are so small - it will never happen to us". If you refer to incidents where Norwegian businesses are hacked and someone takes all your data, then we can tell you that you are wrong. Let us show you why.
  • Published 24.03.2023

    The three biggest advantages of digital meetings

    We have all become very familiar with digital meetings. Most people still use it, and it has opened many people's eyes to how we can work together. Perhaps especially in companies that do not yet have established habits for this. Today, we will emphasize the three biggest advantages of digital meetings. Stay tuned!
  • Published 17.03.2023

    Say hello to someone who makes everyday work easier for you

    We have our own system developers in Braathe who work to make your day and mine easier. Not as in the number of kilos lighter, but as in more seamless, efficient and motivating. Today we will get to say hello to one of them. Get to know Kim-André!
  • Published 10.03.2023

    Your digital habits: When do they become dangerous?

    A habit is what your brain does on autopilot. We all have some bad habits. But what happens if your digital habits are bad? Could it be dangerous? We give you an answer to that in this week's article. At the same time, you will get several tips on how you can prevent your habits from opening security holes in the future.
  • Published 26.02.2023

    New login platform for customers using Citrix

    On March 22, we will update our login platform for customers using Citrix. This is to create a more worry-free everyday IT life for you who use our services. Here we explain more.
  • Published 17.02.2023

    MFA becomes even more secure: Get to know number matching

    Microsoft is keeping up with the times and increasing the security of its tools. Therefore, it will be even tryggere every time you land in. We answer what you need to know, why this is happening now and how you can be a safety ambassador in your workplace.
  • Published 15.02.2023

    Currency adjustment on Microsoft's cloud services

    The global company Microsoft has announced that from 1 April 2023 all of its cloud services will be currency adjusted by +11%. This is how this price adjustment can affect you as a customer of ours or who is considering becoming one.