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User adoption

The introduction of new systems is usually not a super-popular exercise in many organizations and companies. Therefore, planning the actual introduction, or ensuring user adoption, is very important. We help you get started.

Package 1: Get started with Microsoft Teams
A package where the goal is to get you and your users started. It is divided into five elements. Of course, all interactions and meetings are conducted digitally, on Microsoft Teams.

  1. Interview
    We start by interviewing some of your employees to map out how you work today. This helps to shape the structure of step two, which is a workshop.
  2. Workshop 
    We follow up with a workshop that is divided into two. The content itself consists of best practice, combined with findings from the interviews. In the workshop, there should mainly be leaders, 3-6 pcs.
  3. Configuration and setup
    We make simple adjustments and configuration on "out of the box" layouts, so that this is in line with what we agreed on in the workshop.
  4. Documentation
    We document adaptations and configurations beyond standard, which are shared with the super user.
  5. Training material
    We have produced a lot of training material for Microsoft Teams, we share all this with you.

Package 2: Get started with Azure Information Protection
We help you better protect sensitive information - anytime, anywhere. You can classify based on sensitivity, track activities and share data securely with others. The package consists of two elements and is implemented on Microsoft Teams:

  1. Workshop and training
    We go through best practice divided into a short workshop and a targeted training.
  2. Setup and configuration
    We set up the service "out of the box" from Microsoft and activate functionality.
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Get started with Microsoft Teams
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Get started with Azure Information Protection
5 000 NOK
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