/ Important message: About COVID-19 and operating services at Braathe Gruppen

Important news: About COVID-19 and Braathe Gruppen services

The current season has given us new peaks of COVID-150 and increased spread in Norway, in Europe and the rest of the world. Several countries have already introduced very drastic measures to keep the spread under control. In Norway, we have had XNUMX local outbreaks since August alone. In light of this, precautions and measures are implemented on both a local and a national level here as well. For Braathe Gruppen, as your provider and as an employer for all our employees, the consequences are as follows:

  • Braathe Gruppen SLA is maintained in accordance with the service level agreement. Our contingency plan, with its well processed routines, ensures that our data centers are running at normal capacity. This means that all services and solutions are monitored, maintained and provided for in an optimal manner.
  • All our offices and data centers are staffed in accordance with the contingency plan.
  • All data centers have the necessary technical resources physically available.
  • All our employees in municipalities with a mandate for a home office are located in a home office.
  • Physical encounters are avoided and digital alternatives are preferred where the infection situation indicates that this is appropriate.
  • Furthermore, we listen to the advice of the authorities.

Uncertainty and preoccupation occur naturally during pandemic conditions. We will continue to do our best to ensure that the delivery of IT services is not one of your concerns. Our services include supporting critical infrastructure. With a customer range that extends from banking services and logistics to emergency services, we are a crucial link in a supply chain that is required to function even in times of crisis.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer advisor.

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