/ Important message: About COVID-19 and operating services at Braathe Gruppen

Important news: About COVID-19 and Braathe Gruppen services

The spread of the corona virus in Norway and the world, creates unpredictability in the market, and arises a plethora of questions. Braathe Gruppen is both well aware and conscious of the fact that our services include critical infrastructure that must be maintained and kept up to date at all times.

  • Braathe Gruppen SLA is maintained in accordance with the service level agreement. Our contingency plan, with well processed routines, ensures that our data centers are running at normal capacity. This means that all services and solutions are well monitored, maintained and provided for in an optimal manner.
  • Our offices and datacentres are staffed.
  • Furthermore, we listen to the advice of the authorities.

A natural consequence of a “world in havoc” is uncertainty and concern. How will the services we all need in our everyday life cope and withstand this pressure? We want to assure you that your IT services from us should not be one of your concerns. not should be one of your concerns.

Our services include critical infrastructure that must be kept up to date and running. With customers ranging from banking services and logistics to emergency services, we become a crucial part of a supply chain that must function even during times of crisis. On this page, we offer insight into how our contingency plan now comes into force.

Amidst it all, one should never forget one’s employees. Many of whom are now left to work with new routines and possibly also in a completely different manner. Some may even suddenly have to work from a home office for the first time? This can be challenging, but with flexibility from everyone and through learning, the end result becomes as good as it can when everyone has to deal with new terms and limitations. Employees are one of your most important assets, and by equipping them with the right tools, you enable them to perform their tasks to the fullest, even from their home office.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer advisor.

Good luck, with a slightly different workday. Remember to take care of each other.

Last updated 09.08.20 at 21:45 CET

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