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Device as a Service

The versatile solution for businesses that do not wish to own their own PCs. Long term or short term, your choice.

Handling your company's PCs can steal a lot of time from your IT department. Time that many would rather spend on operations, development and innovation than in tender processes and meetings with PC suppliers. With «Device as a Service» from Braathe Gruppen the PCs are delivered as a service with a fixed monthly price per user, without a lock-in period.

This provides predictable costs and flexibility in terms of scaling in the event of staffing or needs changes. It is beneficial for companies that need several PCs in a period, for example in connection with projects or seasonal staffing. "Device as a Service" can also be a solution for users who have needs that are not covered by the standard PC that the company already owns. There may be a user who needs a PC to handle heavier work tasks, which can then get a more powerful PC delivered from Braathe Gruppen on a monthly basis without imposing an additional one-time investment on the company.

Device as a Service may very well be combined with other services from Braathe Gruppen, such as "Desktop in the Cloud" or "BRA 365 Workplace ». Then, your company has a complete solution where everything is handled by Braathe Gruppen - predictable and easy for you.

We offer several different PCs, desktops and laptops, and can also supply docking stations and monitors. When you no longer need the service, the equipment is returned, and we of course ensure safe and secure deletion of all data.

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“Our offices were robbed this winter. but thanks to PC as a service, we were back in business already before lunch the following working day. »

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