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Desktop in the Cloud

Just as perfect for small businesses and start-ups as it is for larger organizations with large geographical spread.

A cloud desktop is perfect for businesses wanting to replace hardware, licensing and support costs with a fixed monthly cost per user. It is also well suited for organizations with geographically spread locations where you who still want to offer all users a common platform. BRA Desktop is a cloud based desktop solution. It feels like working locally on your own PC, but both your desktop, all the files and all applications are in the cloud on the servers of Braathe Gruppen.

There are several benefits to BRA Desktop. One of them is that your desktop, files and programs are available XNUMX/XNUMX, all year round, even if you choose to land in from another device than your office PC. Tablets, mobiles and Macs work just as well. You don't have to worry about processor power, RAM and storage, as everything is handled on our servers. All it takes is an internet connection.

As an employer, you have full flexibility and can add and remove users on a monthly basis. Perfect for businesses that typically have temporary workers, or seasonally fluctuating industries. BRA Desktop may also be combined with "Device as a Service", allowing you to rent PCs from Braathe Gruppen on a monthly basis.

Your data is stored separately from other customers' and is protected by highend technical solutions. Because our data centers are located in Norway, BRA Desktop is also a valid option for businesses that are subject to policies that exclude cloud services from abroad.

These are our best-selling solutions; The very basic remote desktop solution for the basic user, a slightly more advanced with a higher security level and Citrix HDX. And, lastly, the complete package with full operation of your local PC as well.

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Desktop in the Cloud
Desktop Plus E3
Complete E3
Windows Remote Desktop w / Office Pro Plus
Exchange mail,
Adobe Reader and Google Chrome
Citrix Desktop
Improved user experience
Higher security
Improved sound and picture
Microsoft Office 365
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote on up to five devices
Exchange Online
Microsoft Teams
Files and content
OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
BRA 365 Workplace
Fully Operated Client
Cisco Umbrella
First line defense of your client
Let us help you transition to the cloud

Replace hardware, licenses and support costs with a fixed monthly cost per user.