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Digital Poll

Digital voting is a user-friendly and tailored solution for meetings that require voting and a good overview of the cases. The solution organizes and systematizes meetings, cases, speaking time and voting, and is suitable for e.g. political processes and annual meetings of private organizations.

What is Digital Poll
Digital voting allows you to manage and follow the voting of various issues, and you get a good overview of the votes. If you use the service in a municipal board meeting, you can see which parties and politicians have voted for what. By using digital voting, you will also get an overview of cases for processing.
The solution gives you as a meeting administrator full control over the meeting, and allows you to control speaking time, remarks and votes, as well as that the participants can submit proposals during the meeting.

Digital voting in practice
Prior to the event, the meeting, issues and voting are added to the system. During the meeting, the meeting administrator controls the flow of issues, suggestions, talk time and replies. After voting it becomes visible to the audience in the hall and on the web, who has voted and what - and all this without counting hands! In addition, after the meeting, it is possible to obtain a meeting report and view statistics of votes from the meeting.

Implementation of the municipal council:

  1. The meeting administrator submits a meeting, issues and proposals for voting in advance of the meeting.
  2. When the meeting starts, the meeting administrator takes absences and sets items
  3. During the meeting, the meeting administrator controls the flow of issues, suggestions, talk time and replies.
  4. Participants can submit proposals directly during the meeting.
  5. After voting, it is visible to the audience in the audience and online who has voted and on what-and this without counting hands!
  6. After the meeting, one can take out a report and see statistics of votes, which in turn can be stored in the municipality's case archive.

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Success Stories:
Several of our clients use Digital Poll with great success, you can read more about it in our BLOG articles on a couple of these:
Gjensidige Foundation
Kristiansand municipality
County mayor in Nordland county municipality, Kari Anne Bøkestad Andreassen

Screenshots (click on the image to open the screenshot gallery):

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Braathe Gruppens Digital Voting is constantly evolving and currently has two modules, Basic and Plus. You will find more information in the table below.


Digital Poll
ID port login
(Bank ID, applies to municipalities)
Role and rights management 
Integration with WebTV
Automatically create recordings and bookmarks as well as archive and publish video. 
Automatic import
Import of meetings, cases, documents from Public 360, ACOS insight and ePhorte. 
Extended time management
Manually add speaking time / representatives Manually add speaking time per person and case to the list of speakers. 
Info screen
custom large screen viewing for meeting room.
Show result poll
Show result in recording and live broadcast.
with real-time display of results (party / person level) Voting for and against Voting where you put cases against each other.
Anonymous poll
Extended voting
Expanded with point-by-point voting and solution where cases are pitted against each other and cases with the most votes go on to the next voting.
Meeting report 
Case processing due date / impartiality 
Admin is notified of incapacity and can leave. 
Submission, editing and deletion of own proposals
Participants can send proposals directly into the case during the meeting
Mobile view 
Number of users
Access for 11 people
Extra 10 people
500 NOK / MND
7500 NOK
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