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Digital voting

Organize and systemize meetings, issues, speaking time and voting like never before.

Digital voting in practice
Prior to the event, the meeting, issues and voting are added to the system. During the meeting, the meeting administrator controls the flow of issues, suggestions, talk time and replies. After voting it becomes visible to the audience in the hall and on the web, who has voted and what - and all this without counting hands! In addition, after the meeting, it is possible to obtain a meeting report and view statistics of votes from the meeting.

As a meeting administrator, you can:
• manage talk time and manage the progress of the meeting
• set up ballots and submit proposals
• generate a PDF of meeting minutes for use in case files

As a politician / participant you can:
• ask for talk time and reply
• vote / see what other parties have voted

As an online audience you can:
• monitor the progress of the meeting and see issues and names on the voice list
• see what parties and politicians have voted for

Digital voting gives you:
• total control of the meeting and full control of speaking time
• voting with detailed overview and digital reports with voting results
• a cloud-based solution

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Digital voting
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