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Let us help you make the right decisions!

We invite you to professional days together with our IT experts. In November and January, we will teach you what you need to know about digital security. We will then answer what it could mean for your operation and your people. Because what exactly is the risk of doing nothing? The professional days will also deal with the green shift so that you can make even better decisions in your sustainability work. We look forward to seeing you!

The professional days will be a meeting place for you who sit with many decisions alone, and who want the best advice the IT industry can offer. There will be a space for sparring, asking and digging for good answers - because we believe that this way you, together with us, can make the right decisions. We offer the trade day free of charge to those who want to come, and of course we treat you to food along the way.

The seminar is free of charge and suitable for you who:

  • Want to know what safety measures you should take before the worst can happen
  • Sitting with many important decisions alone
  • Want good advice from our experts
  • Are happy in an arena where you can ask questions and be challenged
  • Works with the strategic plans for the company's future
  • Want free lunch


Start date
29. November 2022

End date
25 January 2023

Oslo, Skien, Bodø and Tromsø

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Local and digital


  • Oslo

    29. November
    Vika cinema

  • Skien

    10. January
    Thon Hotel Høyers

  • Bodø

    24. January
    Central Atrium

  • Tromsø

    25. January
    Stakkevollvegen 41

  • Digital participation

    29. November

Subject programme

  • Security

    Digital security and your first line of defense against cyber attacks

    Your people can be what stands between a secure company and an uncertain one. Figures show that over 86% of carried out cyber attacks occur as a result of human error. Our mission is therefore simple: to make your people tryggere in digital everyday life. Let them be your first line of defense by educating and training them in what an attack might look like. This is one of the things we will emphasize in the lectures on security. We will come up with concrete tips for what you can do, what your people can do and where you should start.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainable IT and the green shift

    The world is in a crisis, and more than ever the earth's survival depends on you and me. As a business, we are very concerned about which planet our children will inherit after us. We are therefore working hard on both the sustainability goals and the climate goals. We want to show you that you can too!
  • Contents


    Registration, coffee and fruit
    Welcome to new Braathe
    Safety and sustainability on the agenda
    How to prevent cyber attacks
    Safety and sustainability on the agenda
    We end the academic day with lunch

    A detailed agenda can be found at each location

Questions and answers

  • Is this seminar right for me?

    Are you responsible for either IT, security or sustainability in the company you work for? Do you sit with many decisions alone? Do you want to meet people in the same situation as you? Would you like a social event with professional additions?

    If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, we think the seminar is right for you.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing! The event is free.

  • I don't want to participate physically, can I watch it online?

    Yes you can. The seminar in Oslo will be streamed live so you can watch it from wherever you want.

  • Rygge
  • Oslo
  • Kongsberg
  • Skien
  • Hadeland
  • Fosen
  • Mo i Rana
  • Harstad
  • Bodø
  • Tromsø