/ Why should companies invest in ergonomics?

Why should companies invest in ergonomics?

Large numbers of employees have work in front of a computer screen. This applies not only to office professionals, but also to health professionals, shop employees, transport workers, etc. Computer work is often static work that can cause musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, it is important that the employer makes the adjustments that are necessary for a good ergonomic working position.

Having an employee away due to illness for a week is about NOK 15.000 in net loss for the company. It turns out that sickness absence costs Norwegian companies around NOK 20-30 billion a year. In Norway, 130.000 employees go on sick leave daily, and about 70% of these are sick due to muscle and joint pain. These are ailments that may be possible to deal with.

An adaptation of the working environment, technique and man is what ergonomics is all about. Skeletal and muscular disorders occur over time when the work results in stresses or stresses greater than the body allows.
If you experience ailments, and often feel stiff and numb after a work day, it may be necessary to think through which ailments you experience most frequently and the work you do. If you use the keyboard a lot, you may want to have an integrated computer mouse in the keyboard.

Invest in employees
For a business to go around, business leaders depend on having employees at work and in work. The companies that can show satisfied employees can usually show low sick leave. Employees who suffer a lot of pain in the muscles and joints will perform poorly in the working day. Business executives can invest in the welfare of employees, thus saving them a lot of sick leave within the company. By investing in good ergonomic equipment you will also invest in the employees, which is your most important resource. Be out before the damage happens.

99% experience reduction of pain and discomfort when switching to ergonomic mouse
In addition to reducing pain and strain injuries, an ergonomic mouse has a preventive effect, so you will be less likely to suffer serious injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bouncing fingers, tennis elbow and other disorders caused by repeated mouse clicks and repetitive, unilateral work. This will help you avoid sickness absence and high costs for massage and physical therapy.

What is a centered mouse?
RollerMouse changes how we usually work with a computer. This innovative mouse is placed in front of the keyboard, thus minimizing the work area while facilitating the workflow between the keyboard and mouse. With RollerMouse placed in front of the keyboard, you can easily create variety by using both hands. You always have your hands in front of your body, working with small, light movements that protect your neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. This helps you concentrate better and work more precisely.

A cheap investment
Mona Öman works daily with inside sales for PC manufacturer Lenovo. She uses RollerMouse from Contour in her daily work, and says that she would not have been able to work without RollerMouse. She experienced that she slowly contracted inflammation of the neck and shoulders. After a few weeks in sick leave, with exercise and massage, some suggested for her to test RollerMouse. The first week went to learn how to use the new mouse, but after this she became completely addicted to the new tool in the work everyday and the pain she previously experienced, has not occurred afterwards.

“It's just amazing. I don't see why no more people use it. It's a cheap investment. There is talk of one or two days of sickness absence costs for the employer. ”

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