Welcome to our operating instructions and guides. Here you will find material that we hope will help you. If you do not find what you are looking for, take a look at our FAQ and see if anyone else has had the same question.

In some cases, we will also send you to Microsoft for the latest updated version.

If this does not help you, concact our support team / XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.

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If you have lost your password, you can request a new one here.

How do I change my password?
2. Enter your username or email
3. Enter the last four digits of your mobile number
4. Enter the passcode you receive on your phone
5. Enter the new password you want
Microsoft Teams
Land on to

The login is similar to your login in our other portals. If you do not remember your password, click "Can't access your account?".

Enter username / email address:

Enter password:

When using MFA, approve the request in the authenication app on your phone, by using SMS and enter the code you receive.

Click “Detect Receiver”:

Click on “Open Citrix Workspace Launcher”:

You can see an overview of your applications, available in your solution:
(The apps in the screenshot may differ from the apps you see in your solution)

Ready to work!

Bra MAIL Outlook
Go to the control panel and press Email.

Then you will see the following image.

Then press Show profiles and the following window will appear.

Press Add and enter the new profile name.

Press OK
Fill in the information you have been provided by Braathe Gruppen or your contact at the workplace. Then press Next.

Note: Enter your username @

If the following window pops up, it is important that you press Allow. This is so that Outlook can configure your email account automatically.

When everything is complete you will get this window with three green hooks. Press Complete.

Ensure that “Always use this profile” is checked before clicking OK .

There is a possibility that an error message similar to the one below will appear the first time you open the Outlook client. Click “OK”, quit Outlook and restart the client.

The next time you start Outlook, you will see a window for Windows security. Here you have to enter the plug \ your username in six letters. That is, the username you have been given to land in to the system. Enter your password and check the box Remember identification. Exit by pressing Ok.

Outlook Web Access, Webmail

Outlook Web App (OWA) is a service that offers access to Outlook through your web browser. This allows you to check e-mail from external locations, from any computer/pad, provided you have access to the internet. Go to the following link and login with your credentials

After logging in, you can access special options by clicking the cogwheel in the upper right corner, i.e. to change your password.

Click on the gear and select Changing your password.

Setup email on smartphone
You will have to provide the following to access your e-mail from your smartphone:

Your e-mail address
Server address =
Domain =
your user name = XNUMX letters example: rkakyo (company alias XNUMX letters + your XNUMX letters, The same XNUMX letters you use when logging in via PC)
your passord (The same password you use when signing in BRA Mail via PC)
Check that the server requires encrypted SSL connection

How to add mail on iPhone

Set up Office apps and email on iOS devices.

Introduction on how to create an Exchange ActiveSync account on iPhone or iPad.

Add Exchange account

Go to Settings -> Password and Accounts

Add account

Select Microsoft Exchange

Configure manually

  • E-mail: Your entire email address
  • Server:
  • Domain: plug
  • Username: your username
  • Password: The password for your user login
  • Description: For your own reference (optional)

Use the sliders in the last screen to set what you want to sync.

  • Note that only three days of email are synchronized by default.
  • If you later want to change these settings, go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Exchange account and tap "Sync Email for".
Hvordan legge til mail på Android

Set up Office apps and email on Android.

E-mail: Your entire email address
Domain: plug
Username: your username
Password: The password for your user login
Description: For your own reference (optional)

Azure MFA activation with mobile app

Azure MFA activation with mobile app

URL for MFA administration:
Prerequisite: You need the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone.
For iOS: Find Microsoft Authenticator in App Store.
For Android: Find Microsoft Authenticator in Play Store.

Land in with your username (email) and password

Provide the One-Time Passcode you receive in an SMS

• Choose «Activate Mobile app» and generate a new activation code. On your mobile, in the Microsoft Authenticator app, choose «Add account» and “Work or school account”. Scan the QR-code or manually type the code. Choose «Complete activation».

To change which MFA method you prefer, choose «Change Method» and «Mobile App» in the dropdown. Click «Save».

• Now, Mobile App is set as your default method for MFA, and will become applicable upon your next login which requires multifactor authentication. Logging in will send a request to your mobile app, and you will have to Approve the request in the app on the phone.


If the mobile app does not work, you get the option to choose to receive SMS after approx. one minute.
For those of you who use power saving mode on your phone; please note that this may prevent the display of alerts. In these cases, we recommend turning off power saving.

How to turn off power saving (Android):
Open the app Authenticator

Press the three dots in the upper right corner (1) and select "Turn off battery optimization" (2). If the choice is not available, it is already turned off. If you still do not receive the code, press Refresh (3).

If you do not receive code, open the Authenticator app and swipe down to check for notifications

English version PDF of Azure MFA activation with mobile app

How to add mailbox in Outlook

The setup is done in Outlook.

Bra DESKTOP - Sign in and work


BRA Desktop requires Citrix client to be installed. If this is not in place, you must accept any installation questions. You can download the installation file on our website:


The following is done in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

For those with VPN access, go to:

  1. Your username (6 letters)
  2. Your password
  3. Click land in

Click the icon labeled with your ORGID.

For those of you who want access from outside, for example from home office, go to:

  1. Your username
  2. Your password
  3. Click land in
  4. You will then receive an SMS on your mobile.

Enter this and Login

Click the icon labeled with your ORGID.

Home screen

On your Start Screen, you find the applications that are available to you through your Bra DESKTOP client. To close the Start Screen and go to your desktop, click on Desktop/

To access applications from your desktop, click Start.

Swapping between local client and the Bra DESKTOP client

  1. Click the arrow to open the Citrix toolbar
  2. Click Home to go to the local machine.
  3. Click Full-screen to maximize BRA Desktop.
  4. Click Window to move BRA Desktop to a window.
  5. To expand BRA Multi-screen desktop
    1. Open the Citrix toolbar
    2. Touch Window.

c. Drag the window so that parts of it overlap onto all the monitors you want Bra DESKTOP to fill. Double-click the menu line (indicated in point XNUMX to the left) of the Bra DESKTOP window for it to automatically maximize and fill the monitors it overlaps.

Adding printers

  1. Double-click the Printers icon located on your desktop.
  2. Click Add Printer
  3. Choose "Search"
  4. Click Next
  5. Double-click on the printer you want to add. Press Next and Complete.

Logging off / disconnecting

1. Click Disconnect.
BRA Desktop closes, but you can resume your session later that day.
You automatically disconnect if you close your laptop or in disconnect otherwise.

Logging off:

1. Click The Start button located bottom left of the starting line.

2. Then press Land off.
BRA Desktop shuts down and the next time you land in, a new session starts.

3. Alternatively, you can click on your username in the upper right

4. Select Land off

Logging out will save any changes made to your profile (location of icons, desktop changes, etc.).

Workfolders / Workfolders

Work Folders are folders where you can store your files, and access those files from all your devices, even when you are not online.

Workfolder Setup

If you have Windows 10, choose Home button and work Folders > Work Folders Setup

You now get a separate folder in Windows Explorer on your PC called: Work Folders

You can save your files here, and if you have Bra DESKTOP, you will find the same folder mapped up under H:\Work Folders in your File Explorer.

If you want to know more, have a look

If you still have questions, check or contact Braathe Gruppen Support.

Changing your password

Click the arrow to expand the Citrix toolbar

1. Click Ctrl + Alt + Del

2. Click Change a password

3. Enter old password

4.  Enter new password and confirm new password

5. Click the arrow to Complete the password change

File Storage Areas

Within Bra DESKTOP you have access to the following network storage areas for files:

  1. F: - Company File Storage Area
    This is the file area where employees may store files for everyone to see.
  2. H: - Your personal user storage
    This file area is only visible to you and you have all permissions to handle files in here.
  3. Local Disk C: - Your hard drive on your local system.

Outlook Web Access, Webmail

Outlook Web App (OWA) is a service that gives you Outlook directly in your browser.
Go to the login portal ( and press the button labeled Outlook Web Access. Then land in with your username and password.

Mail setup on smartphone

To use mail on your phone, you must enter the following in your phone:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Server address =
  • Domain =
  • Your username = 6 letters
  • The same password you use when signing in BRA desktop
  • Check the selection for "server requires encrypted SSL connection"

Bra COM - Skype for Business

Bra COM is a cloud service for easy and efficient communication internally and externally, built around the Microsoft Skype for Business platform. The solution is tightly integrated with Exchange, Sharepoint and the Office package. Skype for Business has instant messaging functionality, accessibility information, IP telephony, one-to-one video conferencing and one-to-many web conferencing. In addition to video, screens, applications, presentations and electronic boards can be shared between meeting participants.

Many features
With Bra COM you get one communication experience and one client for coordinated communication with instant messaging, meetings and speech. You can communicate from Office and SharePoint. Presence information is displayed in Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, and other Office applications. You get simple, basic and reliable conference features. Desktops and applications, PowerPoint upload, and tablet features can be shared. With a single click in Outlook or in the meeting reminder, you can schedule and attend meetings.


If the program did not start automatically when logging into Bra DESKTOP or locally on your PC, you can start it yourself by searching for Skype for Business in the Start menu or touching the icon on the taskbar.

Get to know the program

1. Status - Share what you are doing and press <Enter> to change (optional).

2. Your name - Uses the same as in the mailing list.

3. Your availability - Displays your availability, according to your calendar activities (can be overridden).

4. Location - Tell your employees where you are (optional).

5. Search - Find employees and contacts quickly and easily.

6. Sorting - Add and sort your contacts in groups, by status or by relationship.
"New" shows who has recently added you to their contact list.

7. Instant messaging - Double-click a contact to send instant messaging.

Instant Messaging

The window above meets you when sending instant messages to a contact. At the top of the picture you see the picture, name and status of the person you are talking to.

From here you can also make a call, have a video call, or present your desktop. You also have the opportunity to add more participants to a conversation.

Direct contact via Skype for Business from Outlook

By hovering over the name of a contact in Outlook, you will get the contact card so you can easily send instant message, call or otherwise communicate with the person.

Skype for Business Meetings

With Skype for Business you also have the opportunity to hold meetings over the Internet with two or more participants.

With Skype for Business you also have the opportunity to hold meetings over the Internet with two or more participants.

You create a Skype for Business Meeting via Outlook, just as you send out regular meeting invitations.
The difference is that a link is automatically produced to the meeting / conference. Through this link sent to all participants you can easily join the conversation by tapping it.

How to Join a Skype for Business Meeting?

Above you see what a scheduled Skype for Business Meeting looks like in Outlook.

Click "Join ..." in one of the highlighted areas to join the meeting.

If the meeting audio dialand box appears, click "OK" and the default selection (Skype for Business audio and video experience) will apply.

Then the call will be connected and you will be in the meeting. The window will look as illustrated above.

To call a Skype for Business meeting

If you are not at a computer or prefer to use a phone for audio, you can call a Skype for Business meeting. You will need the conference number and meeting ID, both of which are in the meeting invitation.

  1. Call the conference number that appears in the meeting invitation - When using Skype for Business from Braathe Gruppen, this number will always be +47 69 01 32 00.
  2. Enter meeting ID on the phone.
  3. You may also need to enter a PIN and a work number or extension number. You should be connected automatically. This depends on the meeting settings.

If you forgot your PIN, click on "Forgot your PIN?" and follow the instructions to reset the code.

It is worth noting in particular that all participants are automatically muted when they land in to a meeting.

How to specify who should be the presenter

When creating a Skype for Business Meeting through Outlook, click "Meeting Options":

Set what you want to be the default for new Skype for Business Meetings and click "Remember Settings":

If you use the "Meet Now" feature of the Skype for Business client, disregard the above points and make sure that the following is set correctly:

Who is the presenter?

Who is the presenter What's up Recommended for
Only me, meeting organizer Only you, as a meeting organizer, get the presenter rights. Use when participants do not actively need to do something with content that is displayed in the meeting. You can set more presenters while the meeting is in progress if you see the need for it.
Anyone from my organization Anyone from your organization can be a presenter Suitable for meetings in teams or groups in your organization where all participants can share and edit content.
Anyone (unlimited) Everyone who is invited gets the rights of the presenter. Use when you have external attendees who have access to present / share / edit content in the meeting.
The ones I choose You, and the ones you choose, get the presenter rights. Use this variant when you want specially selected presenters.

Condition and status

Status of Construction The contact is How the status is set
Available Online, available Automatic or user-selected.
Be right back Away from the machine is a short while. Selected by user.
Gone Online, but has been away from the machine for a specified period. Automatically set based on inactivity or user selected. Time intervals can be adjusted.
Not at work Not at work, not available. Selected by user.
Busy Busy and should not be disturbed. Automatically if the user is in a conference listed in Outlook.
In a conversation In a Skype for Business conversation (one to one), and should not be disturbed. Automatic.
In a meeting In a meeting, based on Skype for Business or Outlook. Automatic.
In a conference call In a Skype for Business conference call and should not be disturbed. Automatic.
Do not disturb Should not be disturbed, will only see instant messages sent by members of the working group. Selected by user.
Presents Holds a presentation and should not be disturbed. Automatically when the user presents from a Skype for Business machine. All instant messages are blocked.
Offline Not logged in, not available. Automatic.
Presence unknown Status cannot be seen. This can occur on contacts that do not use Skype for Business.


In the conversation window, users will have the opportunity to share, among other things, their screen, an application or a presentation.

Clicking on the round with a screen inside will bring up the options you have for sharing material from your machine with the receiver. Touch what you want and the recipient will be asked if he accepts the sharing.


Action Key combination
Accept an invitation / answer call Win + A
Reject an invitation / phone call Win + ESC
Get the Skype for Business main window (from other applications) Win + Y
Transfer a conversation CTRL + SHIFT + T
Hang up CTRL + ENTER



If you have never attended a video meeting before, have a test meeting with a colleague. Use "Meet now" and "Invite more people".

If this does not work:
Check the settings on the tool wheel:
(Tools -> Audio Device Options and Tools -> Video Device Options)

Here you can test if audio and camera work.
If anything doesn't work, get in touch Braathe Gruppen Support.


  • The headset should be Skype-approved
  • Make sure Skype is not started on your local machine, outside of Bra DESKTOP
  • Make sure the correct headset is selected as the default communication device on your machine outside Bra DESKTOP
    • You can check this by right-clicking over the volume icon below the clock and selecting "Playback Devices / Recording Devices". Make sure the correct device is the default. Default can be selected by right-clicking the device and "Set as default communication device".


To optimize audio and video in Citrix, Citrix HDX Engine must be installed on a local machine. The HDX status icon should be to the left of the clock inside Bra DESKTOP, and looks like this:

If the icon does not look like this, contact Braathe Gruppen Support. You can read the status of HDX by hovering your mouse over the icon.

Example of status reading for HDX inside Bra DESKTOP.

Citrix on iPhone and iPad

Download the Citrix Workspace app from AppStore
1. Open the app and click Get Started

2. In the next image, click on the three dots in the upper right corner

3. Select Manual Setup from the list that appears

4. Enter the address in the address field and enter the desired description (what you want to call the connection yourself)

6. Select Web Interface from the list under Address and Description

The app is now set up and ready to use.

Citrix Sharefile

See playlist of introduction and information about Citrix Fileshare on YouTube.

Office 365 - local installation

With your Office XNUMX ProPlus license, which you obtained through Braathe Gruppen, you can now download and install Office XNUMX ProPlus on up to XNUMX devices. (Windows PC, Apple Mac, AppStore or Google Play)

On your computer (Windows PC): First, uninstall MS Office from your computer by downloading to run this program: Follow the on-screen information and finish restarting the machine.

On your computer (PC or Mac):

URL for MFA administration:

Typ in your e-mail

You will now be redirected to a new page where you can enter your password. (Same password as you use for other services from Braathe Gruppen).

Clicking "Sign In" will redirect you to a new page where you can download Office 365 ProPlus. Click the "Install Office 2016" icon to download and install on your computer.

Tablet / Phone

Go to AppStore on your iOS device or Google Play on your Android and search for Excel / Word / PowerPoint. Open the apps and enter your email address and password (Same password that you use for other services from Braathe Gruppen).

How to connect to Azure Active Directory

From your local desktop
Click Start and type "job". The search box opens automatically when you start typing something on the keyboard after pressing the Start / Windows key.

Select "Connect to work or school".

Click "Connect"

Click "Connect this device to Azure Active Directory"

Enter your email address and click "Next"

Land in with your email address and password for your services at Braathe Gruppen.

Click "Done"

You are now connected to Azure Active Directory

Restart your local computer

Click "Other user" in the login screen.

Land in with the email address you used to connect to Azure Active Directory.

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