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Managed Office 365

A fully managed Office 365 service. We handle setup, maintenance and backup. You have access to free user support.

Not all companies have the capacity or knowledge to handle setup, operations and management of their employees' Office suites. With Managed Office 365 from Braathe Gruppen, your IT manager can spend his/her time other tasks rather than answering questions about Outlook, Excel and storing and sharing Office documents.

Managed Office 365 from Braathe Gruppen gives you a fully powered solution where we handle all things Office 365. We do the setup, maintenance and backup, ensuring you are always up to date and your data is secured. Additionally, we handle support. Employees quickly get help with everything from e-mail to the advanced capabilities of document sharing and the interaction capabilities of Microsoft's cloud services.

Managed Office 365 is built on Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, with local Office installation on up to five PCs or Macs. You also get a mailbox with 50 GB of storage and 1 TB for file storage and file sharing.

We also offer a service we've called Managed Office 365 Online, which builds on Office 365 Business Essentials with web based versions of the Office suite and storage in Microsoft's cloud.

Both services are monthly subscriptions and have 25 GB backup of Exchange Online mailboxes, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive.

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Managed Office 365 Online
95 NOK / MND
Managed Office 365
250 NOK / MND
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