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Unbox it. Plug it in. Forget about it.

Network as a service

What is more worry-free IT than you receiving these network boxes in the mail, and all you have to do is plug them in - Voilá, you have a top modern, secure and stable network? 

Networks as a service are "fully managed" and come with a basic configuration and customizations according to your company's wishes.

Firewall acts as a door guard: data packets which are considered unsafe are blocked out from the network and outbound traffic from your network can be controlled. Our firewalls provide reduced bandwidth usage on web pages, accelerated CIFS, FTP, HTTP and TCP traffic and WAN optimization.

Switches control the data traffic in your network, they distribute data packets and keep track of which data is sent where. Our switches enable plug and play installations, and provide centralized control and control of equipment in all locations.

Wireless Access Points
In healthy network grids, the access points are mounted in suitable places and the different points interact well, and our modern products also adapt dynamically to their surroundings. The sum of this and modern technology with continuous updates, monitoring and operation of the network provides stable coverage.

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>> Our service descriptions
Small business (5-10 employees): One brannmur, two wireless access points and an 8-port switch.
1 170 NOK / MND
Medium-sized company (25 employees): One brannmur, two wireless access points and an 24-port switch.
1 570 NOK / MND
Large company (50 employees): One brannmur, four wireless access points and a 48-port switch.
3 150 NOK / MND
The service includes free operation and support
Z3 (Cisco Meraki Z3 50Mb VPN Brannmur with WiFi AP (802.11ac-W2 1.3Gb)
190 NOK / MND
Brannmur Light (Cisco Meraki MX64 50 Devicer / 100Mb VPN Brannmur)
390 NOK / MND
Brannmur Standard (Cisco Meraki MX84 200 Devicer / 250Mb VPN Brannmur)
790 NOK / MND
Brannmur Plus (Cisco Meraki MX100 500 Devicer / 500Mb VPN Brannmur)
1 950 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MR20 Access Point (802.11ac-W2 1.3Gb Very Low Density)
190 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MR36 Access Point (802.11ax-W2 1.7Gb WIDS / WIPS / Bluetooth / WiFi6)
350 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MR46 Access Point (802.11ax-W2 3.5Gb WIDS / WIPS / Bluetooth / WiFi6)
490 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MS120-8P
290 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MS120-24P
600 NOK / MND
Cisco Meraki MS120-48P
1450 NOK / MND
Establishment Cost
1 monthly price
All prices are excl. VAT.
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