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Braathe Gruppen has, after acquiring iTet, become a national IT provider, with more than 50 years of public sector experience.

Laws and regulations

We help you comply with laws and regulations that the public sector must adhere to, including the Archives Act and the Bookkeeping Act.


As proud holders of ISO 27001 certification, we adhere to the guidelines for assessments that must be made when using cloud services.

Quality and safety

In order to deliver worry-free IT to our customers, we have a continuous focus on improving our processes, services and products.

From kr. 10.000, -

Digital Maturity Unit

In order to identify where in your company's digital development process your employees are located, we conduct a simple survey. This forms the basis of our action report that can and should be implemented for the training and competence enhancement of your employees.

The action report illustrates and highlights the degree of digital maturity in your business. A main goal of the report is to make your users tryggere and thus also more flexible in how they use digital tools. The survey can be carried out on all or parts of the business / organization, and there are no requirements for the number of users the survey will apply to. The price reflects the complexity of what is to be investigated.

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Kr. 98.600, -

The journey to the cloud

More and more people see the benefit of moving their data solutions to the cloud as much as possible. In recent times, we have seen the need to have modern IT solutions in everyday life in order to work and have contact with the outside world digitally. In order for your "journey to the cloud" to be as accurate as possible the first time, we recommend taking a review of your business / organization and mapping out what you need to make your working day flexible and efficient.

We look at your current situation, define the target image with you, conduct a risk analysis and assess which tools are essential for your particular business. Our team consists of talented professionals in several different fields, who together see the fullness of their needs.

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From kr. 100.000 (for the entire organization)

Digital Training

Several public companies want to work smarter and more efficiently with Office 365, and also use Microsoft Teams. It may therefore be necessary and desirable with training to achieve a good effect by transitioning to this interaction tool. We have developed some simple tutorial videos, which we recommend you review at startup. Each module ends with questions that must be answered, where you get results that show how much you have learned - it makes learning more effective. This is flexible and can be done at any time by the user.

Additional modules: NOK 10.000, - per. module for the entire organization.

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Municipal council meeting, annual meeting or general meeting?

Digital Poll

Keep track of voting on various issues, and which parties and politicians have voted on what. With Digital Reconciliation, you also get an overview of matters for consideration. The solution gives you, as a meeting administrator, complete control over the meeting, and allows you, among other things, to manage your speaking time, replies and votes.

Prior to the meeting, meeting, issues and voting are added to the system. During the meeting, the administrator controls the flow of issues, suggestions, talk time and replies. After voting it is visible to the audience in the hall and on the web who has voted and what - and this without counting hands!

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«An innovative educational building almost unparalleled in climate and environment. Norway's first plus-house school - which generates more energy than it consumes. The plus house of the future requires highly forward-looking IT solutions. ” (Morten Oddvik, Teacher and digital educator)

Hyper-converged infrastructure for Porsgrunn municipality

One technology that is increasingly in focus is hyper-converged infrastructure. In short, this means that the entire data center is gathered in one box. Such a device combines data processing, storage and networking technology, while making it easy to take advantage of the most advanced and innovative virtualization features.