General conditions and service descriptions

General conditions and service descriptions

Braathe Gruppen's General Terms and Conditions and Service Descriptions.<br><br>Our service descriptions are not currently publicly available in English. Please reach out to us if you need this information in English.

Applicable Terms and Service Descriptions

Document Name  Cloud Agreement General terms
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General terms Service Agreement Ongoing deliveries
Document guide and definitions    
Security SLA for Braathe Gruppens Services    
Backup SLA     Apr 1, 2019
Backup SLA     1. sep 2021
Support 10. July 2020
General conditions Operating agreements
General conditions Cloud services
General conditions Mail services
General Terms Online Backup Services
General conditions Purchase of goods
General conditions Web services
Digital Workplace Common Terms May 2021
Digital Workplace from the Supplier's Data Center May 2021
Digital Workplace Online May 2021
Cloud Infrastructure Services from Braathe Gruppens Norwegian Data Centers (IaaS) Q3 2017
Cloud Server Services from Microsoft Data Centers (Azure IaaS-PaaS) Q1 2018
PC Buy and Rent 1. Nov 2020
Open Book Purchase Agreement Q4 2019
Network operation and rental Q2 2017
Service description Consultancy agreement 1. Nov 2020
Service description Hourly Consulting Services 1. Nov 2020
Service description Broadband Q4 2017
Service description Managed Web 10. July 2020
Service description Digital Reconciliation 10. July 2020
Service description CourseAdmin 22. sep 2020
Service description WebTV 22. sep 2020
Service description Appspace 22. sep 2020
Roadmap service portfolio - announced changes in services and prices 31 Aug 2021

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