It should be simple to choose sustainability, also in IT

We work actively and purposefully to reduce our climate footprint and thus contribute to sustainable development.

As a technology company, we are at the forefront of digital transformation and shape the business community and business models of the future with innovative and adaptable solutions that are energy and resource efficient.


Braathe focuses especially on the following sustainability goals


    Gender equality

    Gender equality is not just about gender equality, but also about equal opportunities for all, regardless of socio-economic background. Political, economic and social equality between the sexes contributes to a positive development at all levels, and is therefore a recurring theme in the UN's sustainability goals and for us.

    Decent work and economic growth

    Fair economic growth and new jobs are needed to combat world inequality. Of course, this is also important to us, as it ensures the emergence of new forces and is highly contributing to a healthy working life.

    Responsible consumption and production

    Norwegian companies have a lot to go on when it comes to circular economy and innovative solutions. By investing in environmentally friendly technology, working with innovative solutions that reduce the amount of consumer waste and exploring new business opportunities, we also lean into this work.

    Stop climate change

    We must act immediately to combat climate change and its consequences. It is largely about stopping or reversing the major climate changes that are here today and that are predicted for the future. Companies have a great responsibility for their own CO2 emissions. By investing in renewable energy, we are at the forefront of the job of achieving the goal of slowing down climate change.

Free cooling and energy

Data generates heat. Lots of heat.

Free cooling on the farm

We have several thousand servers in production in our data center. A lot of energy is used to cool the servers, which is why we have built a free cooling system based on ground cooling. Two separate slings have been dug, each of 7.500 meters, which together provide the opportunity to continuously deliver or retrieve approx. 400kW cooling or heating power. The total length of the pipe loops is 15.000 meters.

In addition, there is a larger heating system that draws up to 150kW connected to the system. The heating system provides heat for offices, tap water, machine hall and a universal dryer for grain and bioenergy. All three loops are reversible, allowing them to provide cooling or heating as needed. In total, approx. 35.000 liters of environmentally friendly coolant (Propylene glycol) in the system.

A total of roughly estimated XNUMXK liters of eco friendly coolant circulates (Dowcal XNUMX – XNUMX% Propylenglycol) through the system. The pumps for circulation of coolant are computer controlled, ensuring automated reduced power usage when the demand for cooling is reduced whilst having sufficient circulation in the system so that the energy effect is maximized.


Renewable energy

Renewable, because then we "walk in our own footsteps"

Renewable energy from Fjordkraft AS is delivered with a guarantee of origin and is 100% pure hydropower produced at Norwegian hydropower plants. In Norway, Statnett SF has been granted authority to issue guarantees of origin to producers of renewable energy, and Fjordkraft AS guarantees that a number of guarantees of origin corresponding to customers' consumption will be canceled.

We are proud of our environmental certificate, issued by Fjordkraft AS.

See our environmental certificate

Sustainability in everything we do

This is how we become obvious choice

  • Economy

    Circular and sharing economy

    By reducing the need for hardware, our customers can reduce costs and eliminate the need for maintenance and upgrades. The circular economy aims to keep resources in the economy as long as possible by reducing raw material use, waste and emissions and keeping energy consumption to a minimum.
  • Service (downloadable PDFs currently only available in Norwegian)

    Device as a Service

    The flexible solution for companies that do not want to own their own PCs. Completely without binding time. You get: Predictable costs and flexibility in terms of scaling due to staffing or needs changes.
  • Service (downloadable PDFs currently only available in Norwegian)

    Network as a service

    Worry-free IT: You get some network boxes sent and all you have to do is plug them into the wall - then you have a state-of-the-art, secure and stable network.
  • Cloud services

    Sustainable cloud services

    Cloud services can be energy and resource efficient, by giving the customer financial benefits with cheaper operating costs and increased flexibility. Through reduced need for hardware, costs are reduced and the need for maintenance and upgrades is kept to a minimum. Old technology is being phased out and new sustainable products and services are being added.
  • Recycling


    With our collaboration with 3stepIT, we can offer efficient, economical and sustainable handling of IT equipment where we contribute to a circular use and reuse model. For almost 10 years, we have collaborated with 3stepIT both as a partner and customer. With the same value base, we have helped to extend the life cycle of IT products, contributed to environmentally friendly reuse, reduction and recycling of EE waste.
  • confidentiality

    Secure deletion of data with Foxway

    Old IT equipment quickly becomes a dust collector in a cupboard you rarely open. This means that batteries, materials and perhaps the entire PC cannot be used again by others. Together with Foxway, we ensure that the PC can also get a new lease of life.
  • Transport

    To get the goods from A to Z.

    We are environmentally conscious when it comes to transporting our products, and in collaboration with our distributors we focus on efficient logistics right up to the end customer. We send goods directly from the distributor to the end location, send goods together to the same location and avoid splitting orders between several distributors. In addition, we are aware not to use extra packaging when sending goods.
  • NextGen

    It is our responsibility to build the future

    The pursuit of sustainable behavior leads the next generation to adopt new consumption habits and opens up new growth opportunities. They reduce linear usage and throw-consumption and contribute greatly to the development of sharing economy. They are influential and are a rapidly growing consumer segment.

    Reporting and measurement

    By documenting our own climate emissions and keeping our own climate accounts, we can report and measure our own progress in our sustainability work.

Implemented measures at our locations:

  • 1. Free cooling system

    We have built a free cooling system based on ground cooling, and have 15 km of cooling loops underground. This is how we contribute to environmentally efficient cooling of our systems.

  • 2. Heating system

    Our free cooling system also functions as a heating system that provides heat to offices, tap water, machine hall and universal dryer for grain and bioenergy.

  • 3. Energy consumption

    In the last five years, we have reduced our total energy consumption in kWh relative to our turnover of services produced in the data centers.

  • 4. Digital conversion

    With our cloud services, we contribute to digital transformation and shape the business community of the future with adaptable solutions that are energy and resource efficient.

  • 5. ISO standards

    We are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 45001 Work Environment.

  • 6. Rental of PCs

    PC rental reduces the customer's need for hardware, increases reuse and companies can reduce costs and eliminate the need for maintenance.

  • 7. Recycling of EE waste

    In collaboration with 3stepIT, we work with recycling of EE waste, which saves the environment large amounts of CO2, and reduces raw material recovery.

  • 8. Digital meetings contribute to efficiency

    We have a number of locations and many employees spread across Norway. We are actively working to reduce the number of trips and increase the proportion of digital meetings.

  • 9. Environmentally efficient staff transport

    We have set specific goals for our company cars. 80% of the car fleet in 2020 were environmentally friendly cars, we have a strong ambition to increase the proportion of electric cars.

  • 10. Aware of good routines

    We avoid purchases that create unnecessary waste. By borrowing or renting, we do not have to throw away what we cannot reuse or store.

  • 11. Environmental requirements for ourselves

    We choose goods with less impact on the environment, resource use, energy use, waste and the use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. The eco-label? Hurray!

  • 12. Waste management and routines

    We work to increase and increase the sorting rate at all our locations and thus reduce our total amount of waste in line with our environmental policy.

  • 13. Increased use of electronic processes

    We are conscious of reducing the amount of paper and manual operations by increasing the use of electronic processes.

  • 14. Less food waste

    We will contribute to less food waste in our own canteen and at all our branch offices.

  • 15. Environmental focus with our suppliers

    We want to use suppliers who have introduced environmental management where possible, such as environmental lighthouses, ISO 14001 or EMAS certification.

  • 16. The farm is secured against fire

    Our technical rooms and data centers are equipped with self-extinguishing systems that will prevent emissions of environmentally harmful gases in the event of a fire in electronic equipment.

  • 17. Environmentally conscious logistics

    We have implemented efficient and environmentally conscious logistics by sending goods directly from the distributor to the end location.

  • 18. Information security

    Our processes, systems and services are planned and used so that our customers' availability, integrity and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

  • 19. Environmental goals

    We have prepared environmental goals within energy consumption, goods transport, passenger transport, waste management and purchasing.

  • 20. Customer satisfaction in the forefront

    As many as 90% of our cloud contracts are renewed, something we are very proud of.