Why work with us?

Why did they choose to work with us? We asked three colleagues from three different teams and with three different work areas why.



Join us on the next part of our wonderful journey.

Since 1989, we have delivered IT solutions to Norwegian companies. We have grown from zero to 500 million in turnover and from three to 185 employees. We will continue to grow. To achieve this, we need more talented people.

  • Sustainable IT

    It should be easy to make sustainable choices in everyday IT. Because we are aware of our responsibility, we are constantly working actively to facilitate sustainable solutions.

  • Technologists on your team

    Competence and skills development, well-being, training opportunities, favorable conditions and a state-of-the-art technology barn where you can grow. You're welcome!

  • Values ​​& cultural work

    We must be conscious, responsive and ambitious on behalf of customers and ourselves. And together deliver a worry-free IT everyday life to all our customers 24/7/365.

Worry-free IT

What exactly is worry-free IT? Worry-free IT - that's what we work to deliver to all our customers. With dedication and great effort, we work to deliver top quality all the time, every day, all year round.

Because the future needs technologists

Why do the future need technologists? Almost everywhere in society, companies are in the middle of some form of digitization process. Change can be challenging, but with skilled technologists on the team, the whole process is easier.


We are still looking for good people within technology, sales / market, finance, and more.

Send an email to Career@braathe.no if you are curious about what it is like to work with us.


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