About us / Quality and security

In order to deliver worry-free IT to our customers, we have a continuous focus on improving our processes, services and products.

We are to meet and satisfy customer requirements and needs through continuous focus on improving our processes, services and products, based on:

  • Customer feedback and internal evaluations.
  • Aquiring proper competence, and knowledge of technological development.
  • Efficient deliveries at agreed time and cost.
  • High service availability through stable and reliable operations.
  • Automated processes, as well as documented and updated routines to ensure proper quality and avoid critical deviations.
  • Anchoring the principles of good information security and quality within our organization.

Our framework for information security goals is:

  • Customer values should be identified and handled in such a way that they are not lost, corrupted, misused or mislead.
  • Our processes, systems, services and products should be planned and used in such a way that their availability, integrity and confidentiality are safeguarded.
  • Employees should be familiar with our safety instructions and our communication plan.
  • Suppliers and partners must comply with our information security requirements.
  • Unwanted events should be prevented and we will learn from events that occur.

Braathe Gruppen AS commits to complying with all laws, regulations and requirements related to our business.

Profile of competence
As a result, we have a majority of our staff with University level degrees as the base of their training, with supplemental certifications and courses – applicable to their fields of expertise.

In addition to their formal education, add years of work experience as well as a wealth of knowledge on PC, server technology, network, Windows in all its shapes and forms, Microsoft technology as well as security solutions.

We are especially proficient in implementation, technical operations and maintenance of IT systems. By choosing us as your provider, you get stable and strong IT systems in a cost-efficient manner.

Microsoft Gold Hosting and Microsoft Gold Server Platform
Since Microsoft products are such a central part of most companies' IT systems, we have a high focus and many certifications in this area. In addition, are new certifications taken regularly. With operating responsibility for hundreds of servers with Microsoft operating system, we have accumulated good expertise and long experience in this area.
Read more about our status as a Microsoft Certified Partner
Citrix Access Partner - Silver Solution Advisor
Citrix software is an important part of our ASP terminal server solutions. We also recommend it used in customer-dedicated solutions with multiple terminal servers. Our experience in operating Citrix based solutions extends back to the Window NT era in the late XNUMXs. The competence is similarly solid.
Cisco Premier Partner
Cisco network components are the core of the network in our data center and our WAN network with redundant national and global Internet exchange. We also use Cisco products as our main firewall and firewall solutions for our customers. We also supply Cisco products for both wired and wireless networks, telephone systems and firewall solutions to many of our customers.
Lenovo Data Center Platinum Partner
The fact that we are a Data Center Platinum Partner gives you the confidence of having highly certified personnel who take care of the data park where your data is located and your digital workplace is delivered from.
Lenovo PC Platinum Partner
Being a Lenovo PC Platinum Partner means that we deliver Lenovo equipment and products to our customers and achieve very specific goals. In addition, we are required to hold and maintain a certain number of Lenovo Certifications.
HP Partner First Gold
The Partner Award shows that HP place us among its best-qualified resellers in the IT market. We are authorized to advise, sell and support all of HP's products and solutions.
As Gold Partner at Dell Technologies, we have access to the industry's most comprehensive portfolio and great partner program. That means we always have Dell Technologies expertise, which can help you, as a customer of Braathe Gruppen, to get the most out of your equipment and set up comprehensive solutions tailored to your business everyday life.
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