About us / Management

Tron Braathe
Chief Executive Director (CEO)
MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU. Active owner since 1989 and the company's entrepreneur and main shareholder. Head of the company senior management team.
Ole Braathe
Divisional Director Administration and Personnel (CAO)
Chairman of the board and shareholder. Active owner since 1998. Experience from several different roles and management positions in the company. Head of the Administration Division, including the Personnel Department.
Håkon Svendsen
Divisional Director Technology and Service Development (CTO)
MSc Technical Cybernetics from NTNU. Head of Division for Technology and Service Development, including design and development of the company's data centers, key infrastructure and technical services. Participates in the company's senior management team.
Thomas Rossfjord
Divisional Director Operational Operations (COO)
Higher Education Engineer, Computer & Automation from HiØ. Leader Division for Operational Operations, including overall resource planning and prioritization of operational activities. Participates in the company's senior management team.
Even Myrvold
Division Director Finance (CFO)
MBA from NHH in Bergen. Leads the Finance Division, including accounting, auditing, billing, reporting, quality management and process optimization. Participates in the company's senior management team.
Tor M. Jahren
Divisional Director of Sales (CSO)
MSc Communication Technology from HiA. Leads the Sales Division and works in services and solutions, agreement and concept work. Participates in the company's senior management team.
Anders M. Pedersen
Divisional Director Marketing and Business Development (CMO)
Leads market and business development. Graduated in business economics from BI Norwegian Business School.
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