About us / Environmental profile

We want to help take care of the environment. A number of measures help us so that we do not contribute unnecessarily to pollution.

Some of our concrete environmental measures:

  • Our Green Data Center
  • Energy-efficiency solutions and avoid unnecessary energy use
  • We are to strive towards reducing our impact on our environment, decreasing our environmental footprints.
  • We are to aim at environmentally sound transportation of our goods.
  • We reduce the amount of paper and manual operations, while increasing use of electronic processes
  • We ensure that discarded products are recycled and have ongoing agreements with an approved recycling manufacturer.
  • Our environmental work is done in compliance with current rules and regulations, whilst also continuously working on preventive as well as monitoring measures.

Sustainable recycling
We have several thousand servers in production in their data center. The number is constantly increasing in line with new deliveries. A lot of energy is used to cool the servers. We have therefore built a free cooling system based on ground cooling. Two separate slings have been dug, each of 7.500 meters, which together provide the opportunity to continuously emit or obtain approximately 400KW of cooling or heating power. The total length of the pipe loops is 15.000 meters.

In addition, there is a heating system which pulls up towards 150KW connected to the system. The heating system supplies heat for the offices, faucet water, machinehall and a universal drought for grain and bio energy. All three loops are reversible, which means they can supply either heating or cooling, on demand.

A total of roughly estimated XNUMXK liters of eco friendly coolant circulates (Dowcal XNUMX – XNUMX% Propylenglycol) through the system. The pumps for circulation of coolant are computer controlled, ensuring automated reduced power usage when the demand for cooling is reduced whilst having sufficient circulation in the system so that the energy effect is maximized.

Collaboration with 3 STEP IT
Since 2012, we have been partners with 3 STEP IT - and our IT expertise combined with 3 Step IT's ability to finance companies' IT projects with associated processes that put the IT equipment's complete life cycle in perspective, is a golden combination.

3 Step IT has more than 20 years on its back in bransjen and as partners, it is important to be more or less equal in terms of values ​​and priorities. We seek to be a reliable partner for 3 Step IT, which they can trust and which share values ​​around, among other things, the environment and sustainability. We want to offer products and services that meet environmental considerations to the greatest possible extent.

We are not only a partner, but also a customer of 3 Step IT. For us, it is important to think about the environment in all processes. That is why we use 3 Step IT's services for disposal and data deletion of IT equipment. It not only ensures environmentally friendly reuse, reduction and recycling of EE waste, but also includes the safest data erasure on the market, namely Blancco.

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