About us / History

The farm that became a server farm: We have used building stock and real estate for the development of offices and a high-tech data center.

The farm that became a server farm
Green IT has long been in focus with us, and to operate energy efficiently, we have dug 15 kilometers of cooling loops under the ground on the property. The "farm" has thus today primarily become a "server farm", even though it is still cultivated in the traditional way.

The old barn on the farm is completely rebuilt into a state-of-the-art technology barn where about fifty of our employees are seated, and more than 10.000 users and 3.000 servers are provided for and hosted. The head office remains here at Nærum farm, but we have also expanded with offices in Oslo, Kongsberg, Skien, Mo i Rana, Harstad, Bodø and Tromsø and are now more than 175 dedicated employees.

Every day, we focus on how our services can be improved and how to make the users IT platform as worry-free as possible. In 2020, we have one goal of taking on an even stronger position as one of the leaders in providing cloud services to Norwegian businesses.

Our set of values
We seek to beCONSCIOUS, RESPONSIVEresponsive and AMBITIOUS -so that we can provide “worry-free IT” for our customers.

We show that we are conscious as we are aware of Our responsibility for colleagues, customers and others. We are responsive by performing our tasks efficiently, at the specified time and with a specified quality. On our own behalf, and as representatives of the company we are employees of, we are ambitious.

Through forward-leaning, with a will to change and with innovation, we create worryfree IT!

Our start-up back in 1989 was based on an early recognition that there was a great need for assistance to make computer systems work as smoothly as possible. The interest in information technology and our basic expertise came through experiences made after investing and using our own equipment as early as the 80s.

Started as a hobby
Braathe Gruppen was first established as a hobby while in school, but with very few players and little competition in a growing market, we saw an opportunity. We wanted to assist companies in using advanced technology in an efficient, stable and secure way. Today it has become our vision, and we call it "Worry-Free IT".

Several family members were eventually engaged on both the operating side and the owner side and in 1998 Randi and Willy transferred Braathe familiegården Nærum, which has followed the family since the middle of the 1700th century, to the company. The settlement was made in shares that they still own. Today Tron and Ole are Braathe 9th generation owners of the family farm through the companies.

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