Business policy

Braathe undertakes to fulfill all laws, regulations and requirements that apply to our business

Work environment and competence

Work environment
Braathe is a competence company that offers solutions and services of high quality and complexity. Our business is based on our employees' competence and approach to work tasks. This requires a stimulating work environment that motivates our employees to thrive, develop and to act both independently and as ambassadors for our business.
Our overall goal is that no one is employed in Braathe shall develop physical or mental illness, or be injured, as a result of their work in the business.

Based on our own risk assessments, the Working Environment Act and the ISO standard 45001, we work systematically with preventive work and focus our working environment work on:

  •  Counteracting unhealthy workloads by encouraging cooperation and support and by ensuring a balance between demands and resources in the workplace.
  • Facilitation of good workplaces for the prevention of stress injuries.
  • Attitude-creating work and good follow-up of any approach to discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment.

We work to ensure that the working environment is characterized by:

  • The company's goals and strategies are well known.
  • Leadership is clear and inclusive, and responsibility and authority are defined at all levels. Managers have / get the right skills, knowledge, resources and forces to promote a stimulating and sustainable work environment.
  • Every employee is treated with respect regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.
  • The expectations of each employee are adjusted in relation to the individual's prerequisites and abilities, and the employees' suggestions, comments and needs are taken into account in the development of our work environment.
  • Working environment is taken into account in various decisions where this may be affected.
  • Signals of reprehensible conditions, health problems or other deviations in the working environment are processed immediately in accordance with internal guidelines.

In addition to meeting the legal requirements related to the working environment in our activities, the working environment work must also follow Braathes basic values. Everyone who holds leadership positions in Braathe Gruppen shall facilitate good well-being, and are responsible for communicating the HSE and working environment policy to everyone who works for, or on behalf of the organization.

Quality & information security

Through a wide range of products and services within information and communication technology, we will put together the best solutions so that our customers' IT everyday life is as worry-free as possible. We will satisfy our customers' requirements and needs through a continuous focus on improving our processes, services and products based on:

  • Customer feedback and internal evaluations.
  • Aquiring proper competence, and knowledge of technological development.
  • Efficient deliveries at agreed time and cost.
  • High service availability through stable and reliable operations.
  • Automated processes, as well as documented and updated routines to ensure proper quality and avoid critical deviations.
  • Anchoring the principles of good information security and quality within our organization.

Our basic framework for working with information security is the following:

  • Customers' values ​​must be identified and managed in such a way that they are not lost
    corrupt, being abused or going astray.
  • Our processes, systems, services and products must be planned and used in such a way
    way that their availability, integrity and confidentiality are maintained.
  • Employees should be familiar with our safety instructions and our communication plan.
  • Suppliers and partners must comply with our information security requirements.
  • Unwanted events should be prevented and we will learn from events that occur.

Sustainability and external environmental impact

We work actively to reduce our direct and indirect negative impacts on the external environment.

I Braathe we must work actively and purposefully to continuously reduce our direct and indirect negative impacts on the external environment. Through our work with quality, information security, working environment and our environmental commitment (ISO 9001, 27001, 45001 and 14001), we want to take care of the environment and make a positive contribution to achieving the UN's sustainability goals.

We have incorporated requirements for environmental management in the general management system in the same way as requirements for e.g. safeguarding quality, health and safety.

The direct negative impact our business has on the external environment, with resource consumption, pollution and waste as a result of our employees' activity in the employment relationship is limited. Nevertheless, it is both desirable and entirely possible to reduce the impact through concrete measures.