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The simple and effective solution

Private Cloud

The solution for companies that want the highest possible security, control and performance. Your data is stored securely in our data centers.

In our private cloud - BRA Cloud, we store your data on our own, separate server with us Braathe Gruppen. Your data is mirrored and stored safely in our Norwegian data centers.

The data is only available through encrypted links. The solution allows for more specific customer customization than is possible with public cloud. BRA Cloud is our safest type of cloud solution, and we take care of software and infrastructure for you.

A private cloud is the best solution if high uptime, strict security and privacy are important. BRA Therefore, cloud is especially suitable for companies that are subject to guidelines that exclude public cloud solutions.

If you want to get the benefits of different types of cloud solutions, you can BRA Clouds are combined with both our Public Cloud and your own data center in a hybrid cloud.

BRA Cloud is not based on consumption, which is normal in public cloud solutions, and therefore will provide predictable costs.

>> Our service descriptions
BRA Server Light (4GB / 50GB / 1vCPU / 1000IOPS / 100Mbps), ASP Standard SLA
1 450 NOK / MND
Bra Server Standard (8GB / 100GB / 2vCPU / 1000IOPS / 100Mbps), ASP Standard SLA
1 950 NOK / MND
Bra Server Plus (12GB / 150GB / 4vCPU / 2000IOPS / 100Mbps), ASP Standard SLA
2 950 NOK / MND
Bra DB Server Instance (Shared VM, 8GB / 20GB DB) including SQL Server Core licenses, ASP Standard SLA
3 450 NOK / MND
Bra DB Server Standard (16GB / 100GB / 4vCPU / 3000IOPS / 100Mbps), ASP Standard SLA
3 450 NOK / MND
Bra DB Server Plus (32GB / 200GB / 4vCPU / 5000IOPS / 100Mbps), ASP Standard SLA
4 650 NOK / MND
Bra Physical File Server (16GB / 2x2000GBSATA / 6C CPU), ASP Delayed File Server SLA
3 700 NOK / MND
Additional server resources
Supplement per 1 vCPU per VM
200 NOK / MND
Supplement per 1 GB RAM per VM
100 NOK / MND
Supplement per 50GB Disk per VM
175 NOK / MND
Supplement per 1000 IOPS per World Cup
250 NOK / MND
Extra per 100Mb bandwidth per VM
750 NOK / MND
All prices are excl. VAT.
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