Privacy policy


Braathe Gruppen AS is responsible for processing personal data we have registered and processes in connection with your customer relationship with the company. We may also process personal data in relations to former customers and potential customers.

In this privacy statement, we provide, among other things, information about what personal information we process, for which purposes we treat this information, what third parties are involved, information about your rights and, not least, how we keep the information we hold about you safe.

If you have any questions about how we process your personal information, you are welcome to contact us. See the contact information at the very bottom of this privacy statement.

What type of personal information does Braathe Gruppen AS hold?
Personal information is all information that may be linked to you as an individual. We register information such as name, telephone number and email address of our customers' contacts. Braathe Gruppen's customer database is mainly corporate, but in cases where a private person is a customer, their address may also be recorded.

In our customer's user accounts; username, first name, last name, telephone number, email address, as well as which customer the user is associated with may be registered.

In order to provide our customers with efficient and good service, all inquiries are documented in our case system. only Information that is relevant to the nature of the case will be stored in these cases.

How does Braathe Gruppen AS use the personal information?
Braathe Gruppen's personal information about customers is mainly used to perform work in connection with our services and to fulfill the contractual relationship. Personal information about our customers' contact persons is necessary in order to to have a point of contact for good dialogue between us and the customer.

Personal information associated with our clients' user accounts is required to have a clear identity in the user accounts to which we may grant access and rights. User accounts are required to fulfill the service delivery agreement. Contact information such as email address and telephone number is necessary for the services to function on a technical level, but also to assist users with support functions. Mobile numbers are also used for authenticating users.

Individual contact information will, in some cases, be used to give notice of disruptions or relevant changes in the services. A vustomer's registered contacts may also receive information and marketing material related to the services offered up to 2 times per month. We rely on your feedback to work to continuously improve our services. This is a key part of our quality management and information security systems. Therefore, we will use your name, telephone number and e-mail address to send you user and customer surveys up to 2 times a year, this being in accordance with the guidelines in section 1 of the Personal Data Act, cf. GDPR article. 6.1 f).

With whom do we share your information?
The personal data, for which we are responsible for processing, is mainly used to fulfill the contractual relationship. In cases where third party providers assist; contact and user information may be exchanged. No personal information will be shared with 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

Geographical storage of personal data
Your personal data is stored in our own systems here in Norway. The systems are run in our data centers in Rygge and Oslo. In cases where Microsoft Azure AD, or other Azure services or any of Microsoft's services included in the Office 365 packages (Exchange Online / Sharepoint Online / Onedrive / Skype Online, etc.) are used as an integral part of the Services, a limited set of user information. such as names and mobile numbers, are synchronized with systems running in Microsoft's global data centers outside of Norway. If data is stored in e.g. Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online or Onedrive the data may also reside in Microsoft's data centers outside Norway. Braathe Gruppen offers backup of these data stored in our own Norwegian data centers.

For how long do we store personal information about you?
Pursuant to Section 1 of the Personal Data Act, cf. Article 17 of the GDPR, we will not store your personal data any longer than is necessary to carry out the purpose of the data processing.

Personal information related to users is stored as long as the user is active. A user account will be disabled upon termination, either by the entire customer relationship or by the individual user, and the personal information associated with the user is quarantined for 30 days after deactivation before the user is deleted.

Our case system stores information about completed cases relating to individuals as long as the customer relationship is active. In addition, our CRM and ERP systems store customer contact information.

Upon termination of the customer relationship, registered personal data in the case system will be anonymized or deleted after 3 years, matching the General Limitation Period. CRM and ERP systems store personal data in accordance with Section 13 of the Accounting Act. This information will be anonymized or deleted when the mandatory retention period of 5 years has expired.

Your rights
You have a number of rights in connection to our holding of your personal data.

You have, among other things:

• Right to access your personal data (GDPR Article 15)
• Right to disclose your personal data (GDPR Article 20)
• Right to raise an objection (GDPR Article 21)
• Right to request correction of information (GDPR Article 16)
• The right to have your personal data deleted or the processing restricted (GDPR Articles 17 and 18)

If you believe we process your personal information without any legal basis or otherwise
if you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us. See contact information below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, and normally within 30 days.

You may also complain to the Data Protection Authority, but we kindly request that you contact us first, so that any misunderstandings can be clarified in the best way.

We are available for any questions you may have - use contact information below:

Bård Eirik Lyche
Safety Officer
Tel: 69 01 30 00
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1580 Rygge

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