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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is a practice that involves the management and optimization of the purchase, distribution, maintenance, use and disposal of software. This is an ongoing process that we help you keep in check.

We have extensive experience in software management for the private and public sector. We are an approved large customer manager for Microsoft, today known as LSP. In addition to Microsoft LSP, we are a Microsoft CSP tier 1 partner and have strong expertise in software from all the major vendors such as Adobe, VMware, Veeam, Citrix and more.

We can assist with this

Our licensing team is easily accessible and has our customers in focus. They have the tools and processes that give it control, time and cost savings, easy administration and reassurance that you are properly licensed.

Safety - that you are properly licensed (Compliant) and have invested in the right form of agreement. Feel confident that you have the right portfolio in relation to the needs of your users

Easily accessible - we are an outgoing, service-minded gang with long and broad experience in software management. We provide you with the tools, advice and information you need to manage your software inventory.

Control - Over rules and frameworks with changes that are significant to you. Control over your portfolio with changes, conditions and costs.

Save time - Self-service portal for changes and overview. Our skilled team works systematically and purposefully so that you need and spend as little time as possible on software management.

Easy administration - clear reports, access to portal for easy change of inventory and allocation to users. Customer-friendly invoice. Get an invoice according to your diet center.

We are Genuinely interested in that the customer should feel good and right, and not necessarily have a portfolio with a lot of licenses. We are concerned that our customers have the right type and the right number of licenses, so that you can solve the business needs of your business. We take the time to ask the right questions and find the right solutions. We are advisors with strong expertise who want the best for our customers.

The follow-up process

Entering into an agreement
There are different types of agreements to choose from. These come with different terms and cost images. We take you through a needs analysis and cost analysis so that you choose the most favorable contract model.

Contract analysis
We make visible the terms and conditions of the software provider and review them with you.

Cost analysis
Visibility of the cost elements under the various contract models.

User analysis
We have the models and tools that help you map the usage pattern in your business. It is important to confirm what use today looks like and map this up to a potential change picture.

Product and user rights
Product and service rights from software vendor. These are still changing. With us as a supplier, we keep you continuously updated about all relevant changes from the software supplier.

User adoption and training
Utilizing available technology is one of the most important things to achieve profit realization. Our experts have extensive experience in taking the opportunities out of your organization.

ROS analysis
Complete risk assessment for technology adaptation.

Overview through own portal and tools
Simple overview of portfolio and condition with portal for self-service. Our solutions give you a total overview of your portfolio.

Compilation of inventory, consumption and costs. Everything easily accessible to our customers.

Contract status
Annual reporting / renewal and compliance check.


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