Everything you need to know about email security

We keep the safety talk going, and it's not without reason. October is national security month. Your email is one of the most common gateways for digital attacks, especially phishing attacks. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can protect yourself from phishing attacks and increase your email security.

  1. Be critical of emails

    The first step in defense against phishing attacks is to be critical of the emails you receive. Never open attachments or click on links in emails from unknown senders. Even if the email looks legitimate and genuine, it could be part of a scam. Carefully check the sender's email address to see if it matches the organization it claims to be from.

  2. Check links before clicking

    Before clicking on links in emails, hover your mouse over them to see the actual URL they lead to. If it looks suspicious or doesn't match what you expect, don't click it. It could be a phishing link trying to trick you into a fake website.

  3. Be careful with your personal information

    Phishing attackers often ask for personal information, such as passwords or card details. Be extremely careful about giving out such information via e-mail. Reputable and legitimate organizations will not usually ask for such details via email. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting the organization directly using the contact information from their official website.

  4. Use email filters and security software

    Enable email filters to help you identify and block potentially dangerous emails. Additionally, use up-to-date security software that can detect and block phishing attacks in real time. Do you have 365 Workplace from us, we are happy to show you how.

  5. Safety training

    For companies, it is very important to provide training to employees on how to recognize and deal with phishing attacks. This can help reduce the risk of employees falling for the fraud. If you have our service, Digital Workplace, then you have a separate security run included in the price. We are happy to activate it for you if you want your people to improve on security. Consult sales @braathe.no, then we will look into the matter.

Phishing is a serious threat to businesses around the world, but we believe that with awareness and good habits, you and your people can protect yourself from this type of attack. In October, and ideally all year round, be proactive with your email security to stay safe online.