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«Digital Voting from Braathe Gruppen has made the administration of votes in political matters much easier, including keeping track of speech lists and remarks. It also gives the chair of the meeting the opportunity to see that an active choice is made, since each person required to vote logs on to the voting system with a personal bank ID. "

County Mayor Kari Anne Bøkestad Andreassen (Sp),
Nordland County Municipality

If you have any questions, please contact office manager Lise Karin W. Nilsen
at 95071161 /

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"Together with Braathe Gruppen we deliver solutions that simplify and streamline the everyday lives of all our clients from a lawyerbransjen. »
Steven Portch,
Founder of Legal Systems

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«Braathe Gruppen have become very well acquainted with our business and how we work, and it is a security that they have spent so much time and been so close to us»

Mona Kristiansen,
Head of department for administration

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"To reach the level of digital interaction we have today, I think would have taken 5-10 years in a normal situation. Now we have done it in three months instead»

Brynjel Johnsen,
Chief adviser

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“This relocation project is perhaps the best IT project I've been involved in in my 20-year career. I can hardly boast enough of the quality and follow-up we have received.»

Terje Odden,
ICT Manager

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“A stable and secure networking solution is absolutely business critical and very important. An outcome means a lot, because here people are working almost at all times of the day, so that things work has everything to say. We also depend on safety being taken care of. It is extremely important considering the type of cases we are dealing with.»

Terje Gundersen,
Chief Executive Officer

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«An innovative educational building almost unparalleled in climate and environment. Norway's first plus-house school - which generates more energy than it consumes. The plus house of the future requires highly forward-looking IT solutions. ”

Morten Oddvik,
Teacher and digital educator

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“At our pace of development, traditional data solutions don't work. But so does the cloud solution Braathe Gruppen. "
Kent Nicolaysen,
Chief Technology Officer

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“Previously, we had all IT in-house, but we have now moved it to Braathe Gruppen. It has given us much better stability. In addition, we gain access to professional knowledge that we would not have been able to acquire ourselves. ”

Stian Råmunddal,


"We have an operating agreement with Braathe Gruppen, where they operate and keep everything going via remote communication. It works so well that we can't remember a single critical situation since we started the collaboration in 2008! It's cheaper to invest once rather than five times. "

Thomas Larsen,
Digital Marketing Manager

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