/ Thank you for the trust - and good summer

Thank you for the trust - and good summer

At the turn of the year, we welcomed 75 new colleagues in what it merged with. For the past six months, we have been working to put in place and optimize synergies and a shared service portfolio. In the middle of this came the COVID-19 and, like everyone else, we had to quickly turn around and think differently about the way we did things. Our experience is that our employees took the challenge and that we have come out stronger from the situation. As a team, as a company and as a provider of technology services.

One of our goals is to become one of the leading cloud services in the country. As an important part of this, we therefore further strengthen ourselves through a skills boost. During the fall of 2020, we certify a number of our customer advisors, consultants and operating engineers, including Microsoft 365 - Modern Workplace.

We are also proud of the increased trust from several existing customers who renew their agreement period, new customers moving into our standardized platform, as well as public and large customers to customized solutions. Our user satisfaction stays high and we score 4,5 out of 5 on "How do you experience our support service?".

As a competence partner for our customers, we have also increased our focus on producing inspiring and educational content, both for technical contact persons - and for the normal office user. Through and social media, we tell stories that will help make our customers future-oriented, give perspective on - and keep them updated on what value technology can provide. We encourage everyone to follow us, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It is also fun that we have made ourselves more visible in the market as a serious, stable and growing technology player for Norwegian companies. We show this by reaching the finals in Microsoft's prestigious selection of partners of the year under the category "Digitization Partner of the Year for SMEs".

Our offices and data centers are staffed throughout the summer. Our support engineers are ready to receive your inquiry, but if you experience any abnormal issues, please take a look at before contacting. Here, we always post up-to-date information and status regarding any operational disruptions. Tip: You can subscribe to the operational messages, either by e-mail or SMS.

Also, take this opportunity to thank all of our employees for a terrific job during the period we have been through, all of our partners who support our vision of worry-free IT, and of course all of our customers, for the confidence you give by choosing us as technology partner for their business.

On behalf of all of us in Braathe Gruppen we wish you and yours a really good and worry-free summer.

- Anders M. Pedersen, Marketing Manager
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