/ Teams - this is new in April and May

Teams - this is new in April and May

Microsoft Teams have played a big role for companies around the world in recent months. Since all of the meetings, teaching and collaboration have moved to virtual platforms, Microsoft has been critical in helping to keep people connected. They have also had to update and develop Teams to an even higher and better level, in order to satisfy almost all the requirements and needs of businesses around the world. We've created an overview of what's new in Teams from April and May.

Source: Microsoft

Expands the number of virtual faces in meetings
The new norm is virtual face-to-face meetings, and now it's more important than ever that you feel connected to the ones you have meetings with. Microsoft has therefore chosen to expand the number of faces you can see in a Teams meeting, from 4 to 9. This new experience optimizes for participants who have activated video and places the remaining audio participants at the bottom of the screen. To provide a good audio and video quality experience, the layout will adapt based on the user bandwidth and change the number of videos displayed to provide the best meeting experience. The feature has just started rolling out, so if you haven't got the feature yet, it will be coming to you soon. It may take up to a few weeks for all users of the platform to feature.

Raise your hand
Several people have found it difficult to speak in a Teams meeting, that there are fast people talking in each other's mouths. Microsoft has done something about this and is now launching a "raise your hand" feature. This feature allows participants in a meeting to press this button if they want to get the word out or want to make an input to what the meeting holder is talking about. An icon of a hand will appear (see image above for illustration) in the route of the person extending the hand. Participants will also be given a list of the order in which the meeting participants reached up, so that the person who first pressed the button receives the word.

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Let the focus be on you, and not what you may have in the background of you. Microsoft has further developed the "blurry" effect and now offers wallpapers during meetings. The new feature allows meeting participants to customize their video backgrounds from a list of preselected images or from self-uploaded photos.

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End meeting for all participants
Meeting organizers can now end the meeting with the push of a button. Within the meeting control field, only meeting organizers will see an item that says "close meeting". All participants leave the meeting when the organizer selects this button. If a meeting is completed a little earlier than it was initially set up or you have a meeting with a large number of participants, it will now be easier for the chair of the meeting to end the meeting for all participants.

Recording of 1: 1 calls
Now you can easily record your 1: 1 calls just as you already can for meetings. Select the option to record and participants will be notified on their screen that a recording has begun.

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