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Braathe Gruppen delivers dial-tone in Skype For Business and mobile solutions from ice and Phonect.

Your phone might very well be at the very core of your business. When customers call. When teams and employees talk. That's why our solutions put reliability and responsiveness first. Teams are now working together in a different way than before. Now every employee has a smartphone - or two. And you often have someone working from home, from hotdesks; in the school area, in branch offices, factories, hospitals and yes, on the go.

Customers expect answers faster than ever. They want to talk to the right people in the organization, not just email. Reliable call routing and group features connect external and internal contacts to your experts, wherever they are.

Skype for Business
We provide dial-tone in Skype for Business and integration with mobile phone from Phonect and ICE.net

In recent years, ice has invested heavily in a new Norwegian mobile network. The mobile network they have chosen to call ice + now covers 89% of all mobile customers in Norway, and in January 2019 was voted the best in the Nordic region on mobile data. Outside their coverage areas, they rent coverage from Telia. Braathe Gruppen is a reseller of ice subscriptions.

Phonect - for a slightly easier workday. Phonect provides mobile telephony for small and medium-sized businesses and has a strong focus on user experience. With full Telenor coverage, competitive pricing and very simple administration - they have solutions for most needs.

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