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Tips for working effectively from home

The possibility of a home office can have a great social benefit, especially now that COVID-19 is spreading in the country. The Public Health Institute provides the following advice for workplaces:

Workplaces and places of study should, as far as possible, arrange for video conferencing and the opportunity for teleworking / distance learning, to ensure operations and avoid unnecessary travel. To the extent possible, the use of home office and flexible working hours should be encouraged to reduce employee density.

There are many different ways to work from home. We have prepared some tips that you may want to follow if you have a home office.

1. Make a list of what to do during the day
When you have a plan for what to do, it will be easier to stick to it and work structured. Relate to the working hours you have and do not do extra incidental work in the evening.

2. Have a neat working environment
Keep it clean and tidy on and around the desk. Usually you clean your desk in the office, so why not do it at home? With a tidy surface, there are fewer things that can distract you from the job. It does not mean that you should do a lot of housework during working hours, you have to take it in your spare time.

3. Loneliness
If you are used to having a chat with colleagues and consider this your social platform during the day, we recommend you make more plans in the evenings. It is er more lonely sitting in the home office.

4. Set up a good workplace
In the office you often have several screens, a good chair and a desk that can be adjusted to your height. Why not have this at home? Set up a good monitor, keyboard and PC mouse. In order to interact with your colleagues and customers, you may also want to have a good webcam. And by all means, don't work from the bed.

5. Turn on the alarm
It is easy to get up later when you know you have a home office. You don't have to get to the office or rush to make lunch for lunch. To have a structure during the day, you may want to set an alarm that will wake you up in the morning. The earlier you start, the sooner you finish.

6. Take breaks!
It is easy to forget to take breaks. There is no colleague who interferes and wants you on a 15 minute coffee break, then it is easy to sit a little too long without interruption. It can be good for both head and eyes with a few short breaks.

7. Dress like you're going to work
Everyone has, at one time or another, dreamed of wearing a dressing gown or a pajamas at work. Don't do it even if you're sitting at home. Put on an outfit that gets you up and running throughout the day.

In our solutions 365 Workplace and Desktop in the Cloud there are many opportunities for effective interaction and the opportunities to work just as well at home as in the office. If you need advice and input on which solutions can make working from home more efficient, please contact us - we will help you get started.
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