Our services

Digital Workplace

Facilitate increased job satisfaction with the right tools. Microsoft licenses with support and services.

Cabinet of the future workplace

  • 365 Workplace

    Increase work satisfaction with the right tools. Microsoft licenses with associated support and services. We help you.


  • Desktop in the Cloud

    Just as perfect for small businesses and start-ups as for larger organizations with a large geographical spread.

  • Device as a Service

    The versatile solution for businesses that do not wish to own their own PCs. Long term or short term, your choice.

  • Braathe Hybrid Platform

    With Braathe Hybrid Platform gives you the solution where we adapt to the business's requirements for application operation, security and data storage.

  • Managed Microsoft 365

    The solution that facilitates flexibility, accessibility and mobility. Free user support.

Reaching the level of digital interaction we have today, I think would have taken 5-10 years in a normal situation. Now we've done it in three months instead.

Brynjel Johnson
Head of Department, BITS