Our services

Digital Transformation

Optimized adaptation to life in the cloud. Make sure your users understand both why and how.

Spring experience + your users = win-win

  • The journey to the cloud

    More and more people are seeing the benefit of moving their data solutions to the cloud as much as possible.

  • Digital Development

    Align available technology with your business, and use the technology as an innovation tool.

  • User adoption

    Everyone has to practice to be really good. This also applies when new systems are introduced. Ensuring good user adoption is very important. We help you get started.

Consulting services

Our consultants:
Competency, attitude and commitment

People who help people, people who understand and understand your wishes for the future. The magic behind worry-free IT

  • System Architects

    In order to deliver worry-free IT, we are completely dependent on our system architects. They understand and understand your IT strategy and your wishes for the future, so that they can present and set up the most stable solution for your business.
  • System Consultants

    The expertise, attitude and commitment of our consultants and our operating personnel are very important factors for us, and are also crucial for our deliveries.
  • System Developers

    Our system development department performs both small and large assignments. We assist in all stages, from needs analysis to requirements specification to programming and implementation. We have a special focus on assignment management, intranets and integrations.
  • Consultant account

    Predictable, affordable and fast response. Consultant account gives you the opportunity to adjust consumption based on your own needs and obtain favorable discounts on our hourly rates, by pre-purchasing a given amount.

At our pace of development, traditional data solutions do not work. But the cloud solution does Braathe.

Kent Nicolaysen
Collicare Logistics