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A highly pressured digital security picture means that focusing on security is more important than ever.

Data security would have stood on the agenda already yesterday

Without an overall plan, users with a healthy security culture and systems on your side, you risk constantly and every day that your data gets lost.

Naivety is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face in meeting our customers when it comes to security in IT. "My data is not of interest to anyone other than me?" Have you thought about how you can move on in everyday life if, for example, large parts of your data are only available in an encrypted variant that makes them completely useless to you? How many days will it take for your business to really start to suffer in such an operating situation?

Or, what if someone uses your business data to pretend to be just you? And thus gain access to systems at other companies? Sensitive data? Yes, you see the point? Unfortunately, data can often be misused in the hands of unauthorized persons, and this can have very unfortunate consequences for you personally, for your business, your employees and those you do business with. So, what can be done and how can we assist you with this?

The picture we draw may seem dark, but the reality is that attempts at data breach, data misuse and fraudulent gain on others' valuable data are a very active part of the world's digital everyday life. Thousands of attack attempts occur every single day, millions of emails with what is described as dangerous content are distributed every year. A large majority of these are stopped in effective spam filters and antivirus systems.

But, in a changing world, where data has become currency and data is the lifeblood of everything from production lines to financial transactions, from home in your private sphere and up to the global level, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on securing precisely the data that are essential to you.

Proactivity and the finger in the ground are absolutely essential in this fight. We want to contribute here with insight and knowledge about security for your data, for your users and what if the unthinkable should actually happen. Visit our safety hub regularly. Then you can proudly stand in the front line. And protect your data.

Want your business survive a cyber attack?

This question is one of the first things you should ask yourself when considering which security solution you should go for. Not / should not, but what actual measures must be in place. This is the choice you probably can not afford to postpone.

Think before you click. If this sounds too good to be true, it's hardly true.

Safety responsibility in everyday life
Because your employees are your foremost defense
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