Our services

Cloud Services & Infrastructure

Your data. On a dedicated server here with us in Braathe, or in a Public Cloud. Network as a Service ensures you stable access.

Robust infrastructure that delivers.
Every day, all year round. Year after year.

  • Public Cloud

    The freedom to develop, manage and distribute data and services in Microsoft Azure. We help you with implementation and operation.

  • Private Cloud

    The solution for companies that want the highest possible security, control and performance. Your data is stored securely in our data centers.

  • Managed services

    With Managed Services you can use the best cloud solutions on the market - and we handle all daily operations.

  • Network as a service

    What is more worry-free IT than getting some network boxes sent to you and all you have to do is plug them into the wall - so you have a state-of-the-art, secure and stable network?

  • Broadband

    Fiber optic cable has fewer interference, keeps the signal strength over far greater distances and operates at a higher frequency.

Braathe har satt seg svært godt inn i virksomheten vår and hvordan vi jobber, and det er en trygghet at de har brukt så mye tid and vært så tett på oss.

Mona Kristiansen
Head of the administration department, Anti-Doping Norway
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