Our services

Cloud Services & Infrastructure

Your data. On a dedicated server here with us in Braathe, or in a Public Cloud. Network as a Service ensures you stable access.

Robust infrastructure that delivers.
Every day, all year round. Year after year.

  • Public Cloud

    The freedom to develop, manage and distribute data and services in Microsoft Azure. We help you with implementation and operation.

  • Private Cloud

    The solution for companies that want the highest possible security, control and performance. Your data is stored securely in our data centers.

  • Backup as a service

    When you regret not having a robust backup solution in place, it is probably too late. Be proactive.

  • Azure Virtual Data Center

    Cloud-based data processing with Braathe Azure Virtual Data Center (AVDC) – The solution for businesses seeking agility and security. With Azure Virtual Data Center, we operate your cloud-based IT infrastructure in the best possible way

  • Braathe Hybrid Platform

    With Braathe Hybrid Platform gives you the solution where we adapt to the business's requirements for application operation, security and data storage.

  • Managed Services

    With Managed Services you can use the best cloud solutions on the market - and we handle all daily operations.

  • Device Secured Network (802.1x)

    Did you know that the network in your office space can be the gateway for cybercriminals? This is the service that ensures that the gate is never left open. Neither in your wireless network nor what you plug into the wall. With Device Secured Network, you get a network where only pre-approved devices can connect. This provides an additional layer of security to the entire organization.

  • Network as a service

    With Network as a Service, you get the network boxes fully configured. You just need to plug in the power. Both wired and wireless networks are tailored to your business. We make sure it is always up to date.

  • Broadband

    Fiber optic cable has fewer interference, keeps the signal strength over far greater distances and operates at a higher frequency.

The process of getting everything in place was completely seamless, where a project team in Braathe Gruppen talked directly with the project management here and collaborated on network cabling and placement of all the necessary points.

Linda Marie Tanum
Head of Administration, Advokatfirmaet Svensson Nøkleby