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Device Secured Network (802.1x)

Did you know that the network in your office space can be the gateway for cybercriminals? This is the service that ensures that the gate is never left open. Neither in your wireless network nor what you plug into the wall. With Device Secured Network, you get a network where only pre-approved devices can connect. This provides an additional layer of security to the entire organization.

Keep your network secure 24/7

All companies must have a network to do their job, and the network is essential for you to be able to complete your work tasks in a sensible way. The challenge with the network in your premises is that if you don't know who is connected, you can potentially be vulnerable - 24/7.

Data theft over the network can happen at any time. Therefore, the best thing you can do is secure it with an extra layer of security. We call that the Device Secured Network. With this service, only pre-approved devices and equipment will be able to connect to your network. Then you can prevent the wireless network from becoming an entry point for malicious software or from unauthorized people infecting your entire network (knowingly or unknowingly) by plugging a PC into the wall.

You probably have password protection on the wireless network today. Unfortunately, we know that such passwords are often distributed to unauthorized persons or guests, or that the password is intercepted by so-called network sniffers. On the wired network with a plug in the wall, there is no password protection today (unless you already have a so-called Radius service), and a dishonest soul or ignorant guest comes straight online if they connect.

How does this service work? If a device connects to your network, be it wireless or wired in the wall, they will not automatically gain access to the network. The device must be approved first. Device authentication is integrated with the Microsoft 365 solution you have from Braathe. This means you can worry less about who is on your network.

This is what you get with Device Secured Network (802.1x):

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Free bug fix and free support for the first 30 minutes
  • Up to 5 devices per user
  • Own SSID for separate guest network
  • Worry-free network

The service integrates with the customer's Microsoft 365 solution and is based on automatic certificate management/PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and the Radius /802.x1 protocol (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)

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Have you already Network as a service from U.S?

Then you can get Device Secured Network (802.1x) with no start-up cost

The network in the company is like the human nervous system. Messages arrive, signals hit in the right place at the right time and that you get your work done. In order to prevent vulnerabilities, it is very important that you have an overview and control over who can connect to the network. We make sure of that.

If you already have Network as a Service from us, you may remember that we configured the network box before you received it. Then we made sure that the settings would suit your needs exactly. In this service, Device Secured Network (802.1x), we do the same, but for your entire network.

Cybercriminals may attempt to use the network as a gateway to your data. So, while you are at work or while your colleagues are sleeping, they break in and steal important information from you. Having systems that work in teams is therefore essential for further operations. Extra security of the network can e.grygge night's sleep and help keep your data away from unauthorized persons.

Det farligste man kan gjøre er å tenke at «det skjer ikke med meg, mine data er ikke interessante for noen andre». Ingen virksomhet er for liten and ingen virksomhet er for stor. Uten tilgang på egne data, blir det vanskelig for alle virksomheter å få utført sitt oppdrag.

We take care of internet security, so you and your data are still saferyggeking.



Device Secured Network

Minimum 50 licenses/users NOK 150/MONTH/USER

DSN Platform

1000 NOK / MND
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