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Network as a service

With Network as a Service, you get the network boxes fully configured. You just need to plug in the power. Both wired and wireless networks are tailored to your business. We make sure it is always up to date.

Local network that just works

Say goodbye to unstable, insecure and slow networks. Get a network that just works. At a fixed price every month.

Digital workplaces need good networks. Keeping a network up to date, stable, fast and secure requires good basic installation and ongoing maintenance. By setting aside this task, you free up time and at the same time ensure your employees good working conditions.

You will receive the network boxes delivered configured by us, adapted to your company's needs and wishes. We take care of both planning and operation. Once the power is plugged in, both wired and wireless networks are ready for use.

Read more about how the law firm Svensson Nøkleby got a robust and secure network, completely without worries.

You get this with Network as a Service:

  • Fixed monthly cost - completely without lock-in period
  • Free bug fix and free support for the first 30 minutes
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Seamless login across locations
  • Stable and secure - always up to date

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Scalability which supports growth

All businesses need to start somewhere. Whether you have one, two or 100 employees, we will find the right solution for you anyway.

Our networks can be easily scaled up, as the company grows and as the individual employee uses more and more units. The blurring of the distinction between personal equipment and work equipment can make the need increase faster than you think.


Similarly, the network can of course be scaled down, if the need decreases. If you have offices in several places, the system ensures that you can land in seamlessly from all offices, with the same access and security level.


Zero hole gear good security

We take responsibility for the network being updated at all times.

We monitor, capture and thus stop vulnerabilities that arise. You get a secure, stable and up-to-date network - without worries.

That we take care of everything, enables simple and proactive troubleshooting and support. To ensure that challenges are solved on an ongoing basis, you get support included, where the first 30 minutes are free. Should a unit fall out or break down, we will send you a new one.

You do not have to invest in equipment and expertise yourself, get full control of costs and reliability and avoid unpleasant surprises. The service has no lock-in period and is based on proven and market-leading technology.

We take care of the network. You take care of other tasks.




Z3 (Cisco Meraki Z3 50Mb VPN
Firewall with WiFi AP

(802.11ac-W2 1.3Gb) 390 NOK / MND

Firewall Light

(Cisco Meraki MX64 50 Devicer / 100Mb VPN Firewall) 490 NOK / MND

Firewall Plus

(Cisco Meraki MX100 500 Devicer / 500Mb VPN Firewall) 1 950 NOK / MND


Cisco Meraki MR20 Access Point

(802.11ac-W2 1.3Gb Very Low Density) 260 NOK / MND

Cisco Meraki MR36 Access Point

(802.11ax-W2 1.7Gb WIDS / WIPS / Bluetooth / WiFi6) 350 NOK / MND

Cisco Meraki MR46 Access Point

(802.11ax-W2 3.5Gb WIDS / WIPS / Bluetooth / WiFi6) 540 NOK / MND


Cisco Meraki MS120-8P

250 NOK / MND

Cisco Meraki MS120-24P

590 NOK / MND

Cisco Meraki MS120-48P

1090 NOK / MND

Establishment Cost

1 monthly price

All prices are excluding VAT.
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Svensson Nøkleby is a growing law firm, and we aim to be the best. Then we need robust solutions for worry-free network operation. We are trygge that we always have the best solutions, and do not have to worry about downtime and loss of productivity.

Linda Marie Tanum
Head of administration in Svensson Nøkleby Advokatfirma ANS
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