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PDS Booking System

Booking system for tour operators and carriers. PDS is developed in collaboration with experienced tour operators and carriers who produce / run tours for teams / associations / companies and individuals.

Forget it printouts and emails with driving orders

PDS can be used regardless of means of transport. PDS gives you full control whether it is available seats on registration trips or available capacity bus and driver.

Electronic driving order
Forget driving a driving order or sending a driving order to a driver by e-mail. With SjåførWeb, drivers will be able to retrieve their assignments on their PC, tablet or mobile phone (smartphone required). SjåførWeb is seamlessly integrated with PDS. This means that assignments assigned to the driver in the office are immediately available to the driver and all data registered by the driver on the assignment will be immediately updated back on the assignment and be available on the assignment in the office.

To make the transition from paper smoother, the driver can download a "traditional" driving order and print it out if they wish and then land in after the end of the assignment to register data such as times, kilometers, tolls, pax etc. "External" documents (eg specified itinerary) in Pdf format can be loaded on the assignment. The driver will be able to open and read these documents. Map addresses can be entered at the meeting place and driving route so that the driver can easily see on the map where the customer is to be picked up and driven.

Time registration driver
TimeWeb is our time registration module. This MUST be combined with SjåførWeb. Rules are adapted to each individual customer and hours are automatically calculated according to these when the drivers use SjåførWeb. In addition, drivers can of course register manual hours such as washing the bus or other service-related tasks.

The drivers of course only see their own hours, but an administrator (payroll manager) has access to "everything" and can approve / reject hours from the driver. Hourly basis per. driver can be generated as pdf for punching in payroll system. Upon request, we make a transfer to the payroll system.

Web-based assignment administration
WebAdm is our web-based assignment administration. Everything that is registered here will of course also be visible in PDS-Windows and vice versa. The module is constantly evolving and new functionality is constantly being built in.

Request / order from web
WebOrder is a web-based form that can either be integrated into existing websites or run in a separate tab as a separate application. WebOrder enables your customers / potential customers to register orders and / or requests online. Orders and requests registered online are automatically stored in your PDS for further processing / pricing with subsequent sending of confirmation / offer. An email is automatically sent to the customer with submitted orders / requests. In addition, you will be notified by email when new orders / requests are registered.

Integration financial system
PDS has integration with most "known" financial systems. (Visma Business, Visma Global, Uni Finance, Mamut, Info-Easy, DI systems, 24/7, Scenario, Duett, Maritech and more)

There is some difference in what is transferred to the financial system based on which financial system it is integrated against, but in all the integrations income and ledger are transferred. In some integrations, payments are also transferred. It can also be booked on the department and project. In addition, we have order transfer to some financial systems. This means that the invoicing itself can take place in the financial system with all the functions that are there for e.g. reminder / interest calculation and transfer to debt collection.

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