Let your users focus on your core business

Your users, working in the cloud

Desktop in the Cloud

There are many benefits to Desktop in the Cloud. One of them is that the desktop, files and programs are available XNUMX hours a day, all year round. Even if you choose to land in with something other than the PC from the office. Tablets, mobiles and Macs work just as well. You do not need to think about processor power, RAM and storage space, since everything is handled on our servers.

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365 Workplace

Facilitate for and increase job satisfaction, and create the workplace of the future. The right tools are combined to bring people together in their work while accessibility and mobility are both given priority.

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Managed Microsoft 365

Our Managed Microsoft 365 is a fully-fledged Microsoft 365 solution with proactive operation and free user support. Managed Microsoft 365 provides you with an Office Online presence with setup, operation and administration, as well as support for Microsoft Cloud Services. Managed Microsoft 365 comes in two package variants.

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