Sometimes, the right equipment is half the job

Device as a Service

A service particularly well suited to projects and staffing changes. We have made several qualified evaluations to build a model range that fits well with the tasks our customers are coping with in their workdays.

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Server labs

Everything for physical data rooms with efficient solutions for servers, storage and network components for hyper-converged solutions. Joint management, scaled and designed according to the future needs of your company. A network analysis of the company helps us in planning measures for higher accessibility and security in your networks.

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Digital Signage

Raise awareness, productivity and create engagement across your entire organization, or externally to your target audience. Use screen technology and projection to display content such as images, videos, streams and pure information to your target audience, regardless of whether this is internal to your own organization or outdoors.

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Meeting room equipment

Equipment for the meeting room. Today, it is absolutely essential that you can easily attend meetings and that both sound and image are of high quality. We make sure that you avoid problems with connecting to the screen to show something in plenary or by not getting everyone in the meeting, even if some are in Singapore and others in Røros. We find the solutions and equipment for your meeting rooms.

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