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What exactly is SaaS?

Software as a Service, SaaS, or software as a service. Yes, what is it really? It is simply a way to manage and deliver software on, and an alternative to the traditional method where the software runs on the company's own servers and each individual user has client software on the PC.

With Software as a Service er everything ready set up from a service provider and running on remote servers, or in the Cloud. Thus, the company avoids running its own server park, and avoids the costs of maintaining or renewing it. In addition, the service provider takes responsibility for keeping software and middleware up to date and secure.

For users, Software as a Service often also means one greater flexibility to work anywhere - not just in the office - as internet access is normally all that is needed to use the services.

Why choose SaaS?

  • Flexible payment model adapted for you
    • Recurring operating costs that are more predictable.
  • You decide the usage, and scale as needed
    • More users? Fewer users? We customize your subscription.
  • Increased availability
    • Most SaaS applications can be run from the browser.
  • We adapt to your company
    • Adaptations to and integrations with your subject applications
  • High level of security
    • Redundancy and automatic backup.
  • Worry-free IT
    • We patch and update, and take care of.

Digital Poll

We have created a user-friendly solution for both participants in the meeting and for you as a meeting administrator. The solution gives you, as a meeting administrator, complete control over the meeting, and allows you, among other things, to manage your speaking time, replies and votes.

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Course Admin

Everything you need for effective organization and to ensure a complete overview of your courses, seminars and events. Enrollment, implementation, communication, finance, documents and much more integrated into one solution.

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PDS Booking System

PDS is developed in collaboration with experienced tour operators and carriers who produce / run tours for teams / associations / companies and individuals. PDS can be used regardless of means of transport. PDS gives you full control whether it is available seats on registration trips or available capacity bus and driver.

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Engage and involve with WebTV. With WebTV, more people can attend important meetings. Anytime, anywhere and on any platform. More people can participate in the experience and get important information from case management, presentations and meetings in municipalities, county municipalities, conference centers and companies.

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Managed Web

It is becoming more and more common that supplier selection starts with an online search. Often, the choice of supplier is largely taken before the customer actually contacts or seeks out the companies that may be relevant. This means that it is important that your company's website looks professional, is easy to find and contains completely relevant information for your customer group.

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For you who want to know more

For companies and businesses
When talking about the Cloud for the corporate market, it is common to divide it into three categories: Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. The first, SaaS, includes file storage, backup, web-based email and applications. Infrastructure, IaaS, is the framework for managing and delivering the SaaS services, while PaaS allows you to develop apps and programs, where the databases and operating systems you use are delivered through the cloud.

SaaS works through the Cloud.
The SaaS model gives you as a user access via the internet. The provider installs the programs you want, and ensures distribution / availability. The roll-out and release of new functions and the new update can take place collectively thanks to a common source code. Your data can be stored locally, in the cloud or both locally and in the cloud.

SaaS thus delivers programs and data over the internet so that you can work with your data in your applications, without being tied up to a fixed workstation. The cloud can deliver all types of applications, from HR, ERP and CRM systems to heavy professional applications and more. Cloud services are thus not on your own PC, and not on the company's own server in the basement, but remotely. The cloud thus offers easy access to resources and applications without the need for in-house infrastructure. With the Cloud, you can check emails, interact with your colleagues and get quick answers to those chat messages. As simple as that. SaaS can also be file storage and backup services.

In addition, the consumer market is flooded with cloud services that you often use without even thinking about cloud services. The photo library on your mobile phone? The streaming services you crawl up on the couch to watch? The football game you can not miss?

Is it safe and secure for my data?
Are you worried about the difference between different subscriptions in the Cloud? Do not be afraid, even if different subscribers run on the same cloud instance with common infrastructure and platform, the data will always be separate. You are safe with us.

On demand
The principle of "on demand" is the basis for cloud services in all variants, the whole point is that the data and applications are ready in the cloud, and as soon as you take an action that causes the application to start or your data is used, you get access you need. This way you can work with what you need, just when you need it, and from anywhere.

Who uses SaaS services?
The market is composed of a number of suppliers with an even longer range of products and services. Bransj players include everything from smaller single apps and programs to giants like Amazon and Google. SaaS services embrace everything from streaming services in the B2C market, such as Spotify or Netflix, to basic business applications such as email, CRM, HRM / HR, invoicing and collaboration. In other words, all types of consumers and businesses often use SaaS services. You subscribe to the service, land in to their platform, and you get what you or your business pay for.

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