Braathe Gruppen aspires to offer products and services which favor the environment as much as possible. We want to ensure that our company does not contribute to polluting the environment, and we work under the following visions:

• We aim to use energy-efficient solutions and avoiding unneeded energy spending.

• Energy-efficiency and improving energy spending should always be taken into account when relevant to the decision making.

• We are to strive towards reducing our impact on our environment, decreasing our environmental footprints.

• Our environmental work is done in compliance with current rules and regulations, whilst also continuously working on preventive as well as monitoring measures.

• Investment in machinery and inventory is to be made with priorities towards the environmentally sounder alternatives.

• We are to aim at environmentally sound transportation of our goods.

• We are to reduce the amount of paper used and manual operations, by preferring digital solutions for communication, information, invoicing and all other work processes.

• We are to reduce the amount of packaging materials.

• We try to influence our suppliers so that our products and services put the least strain on the environment.

• We ensure that discarded products go to recycling and have ongoing agreements with an approved recycling manufacturer.

• Environmental impact is to be taken into account whenever applicable to the decision making.

• Our Green Data Center.


Braathe Gruppen has approximately 1.000 servers in active production in our data center. This number increases as new configurations are set up. A lot of energy is used to cool down the servers. We have built a Free Cooling System based on geothermal cooling. Two separate pipe slings have been dug, each covering a stretch of 7.500 meters which, joined, can give continuous release or retrieval of roughly 400KW cooling- or heating effect.

In addition, there is a heating system which pulls up towards 150KW connected to the system. The heating system supplies heat for the offices, faucet water, machinehall and a universal drought for grain and bio energy. All three loops are reversible, which means they can supply either heating or cooling, on demand.

A total of roughly estimated 30K liters of eco friendly coolant circulates (Dowcal 20 – 50% Propylenglycol) through the system. The pumps for circulation of coolant are computer controlled, ensuring automated reduced power usage when the demand for cooling is reduced whilst having sufficient circulation in the system so that the energy effect is maximized. As an example, during the Winter season roughly 350W are used to pump 10K liters/hour through the 7.5km loops. When the loops are used for cooling, we have a total PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of about 1.2 in the data center, where the normal value would be towards 2.0 when traditional cooling systems are used.

Because we also have a bigger heating system where the heat is used for heating and running the universal drought, in reality, the number is even lower. When the total consumption goes to real heating needs or drought, we arrive at a PUE of close to 0.5. We constantly work on solutions to ensure this level of consumption throughout the whole year.