/ Webinar: How to digitize municipal council meetings

Webinar: How to digitize municipal council meetings

Do you want to hold a digital municipal council meeting? Digital voting allows you to do just that - you will be able to follow, among other things, the voting of various issues, have full control over the speaking time, see which parties and politicians have voted on what and get an overview of matters for consideration.

We invite you to a webinar where we present Digital voting and show what value it will add to your municipal council meeting. When you sign up, you get access to a recording so you can watch the webinar when it suits you best.

Lecturer: Knut Carlsen

Date: Anytime


  • Introduction
  • Short on service
  • Create a new meeting
  • Import cases
  • Add suggestions
  • Start meeting
  • Conduct voting
  • Generate meeting minutes

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